Chairman's Message

Technological innovation in the field of electronics engineering is accelerating at enormous pace. The modern industry is now the centre of a technologically sophisticated system; and this requires technologically articulate staff. Engineering professionals have become intimately involved in many aspects of semiconductor industry, and the discipline of "Electronics engineering" has become key between disciplines of Medicine, Electronic Engineering, instrumentation and Telecommunication.

Electronics engineering uses engineering principles to understand that how to control systems. It is an interdisciplinary, which also requires a working knowledge such as Industrial Engineering, Control Engineering and Communication Engineering.

The world market for all Electronics devices, including diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, $100 billion/year. It is destined to grow even further. Electronics engineers will be of increasing importance to this growth.

The objective of this program, therefore, is to produce Electronics Engineers of international standards. This can best be achieved by training students at different institutes. Thus collaboration between Mehran University of Engineering and Technology and Different Industries

I would like to express gratitude to all faculty members in general and senior faculty members and experts in particular for their valuable suggestions in developing curriculum and laboratories for making this program successful.

Dr. Tayab Din Memon