Faculty Profiles

Chairman and Professor

      Name:   Prof. Dr. Dur Muhammad Pathan
      Email:    [email protected][email protected]
      Office Phone No.: 2300
      B.E.:      Mechanical Engineering 
      M.E.:     Manufacturing Engineering.
      Ph.D.:   Mechanical Engineering
      Research Interests:   Control system of marine Vehicles, Sliding mode, Neural Networks and fuzzy logic.


      Name:   Prof. Dr. Khanji Harijan  Download CV HEC Approved Supervisor
      Email:    [email protected]
      Office Phone No.: +92-22-2771275
      B.E.:     Mechanical (MUET, PK)
      Ph.D.:   Mechanical Engineering (MUET, PK)
      Research Interests: Renewable Energy, Energy and Environment,Energy Economics,
      Energy Management, Energy Modelling, Energy Policy and Planning


      Name:   Prof. Dr. Rizwan Ahmed Memon   Download CV |HEC Approved Supervisor
      Email:    [email protected]
      Office Phone No.: (92) 22-2771275
      B.E.:      Mechanical Engineering (MUET)
      M.E.:     Energy field of Study (AIT), Thailand.
      Ph.D.:   Energy and Environment (HKU), Hong Kong.
      Research Interests:   Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Building and Environment,
                                           Thermo Fluids.                                    

     Name:   Dr. Jawaid Daudpoto    
      Email:   [email protected]
      Phone No. +92 (22) 2772250-73 Ext. 2318 (office) Ext. 2314 (Mechatronics Lab.)
      B.E.:     Mechanical Engineering  (MUET)
      Ph.D.:   Mechanical Engineering (Leeds University, U.K.) 
      Research Interests:  Mechatronics, Condition Monitoring, Sensors and Actuators, Measurement Systems, Bio-Inspired robotic Systems

      Name:   Dr. Abdul Fatah Abbasi
      Email:   [email protected]faculty.muet.edu.pk, [email protected]
      Office Phone No.: +9222771275
      B.E.:     Mechanical Engineering 
      Ph.D.:  Mechanical Engineering 
      Research Interests:   Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Heat and Fluid Flows


      Name:  Prof. Dr. Tanweer Hussain             Download CV HEC Approved Supervisor
      Email:   [email protected]
      Office Phone No.: +92 (22) 2772250-73 (Ext. 2308)
      B.E.:     Mechanical Engineering  (MUET)
      Ph.D:    Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing Design) (University of Nottingham)
      Research Interests:   Design, modelling and analysis of mechanical assemblies, stochastic
                and uncertainty, analysis of mechanical system.

       Name:   Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Memon
       Email:    [email protected]
       Office Phone No.: +92 (22) 2772250-73 (Ext. 2309)
       B.E.:     Mechanical Engineering 
       M.E.:    Mechanical Engineering (Energy Systems)
       Ph.D.:  Mechanical Engineering
       Research Interests:   Energy and Exergy analysis of Thermal Systems (especially Thermal power systems)

Associate Professors


Assistant Professors

  • Mr. Shoukat Ali Memon
  • Mr. Abdul Samad Memon
  • Mr. Muhammad Jurial Sangi 

      Name:     Muhammad Sharif Jamali
      Email:    [email protected], [email protected]
      Office Phone No.: 022-2771275
      B.E.:       Mechanical Engineering
      M.E.:    Manufacturing Engineering
    Research Interests:   Design Research and Methodology Manufacturing, Manufacturing Technology


  • Mr. Ghulam Yasin Mughal 

    Name:   Muhammad Atif Qaim Khani
    Email:   [email protected]
    Office Phone No.: +92(0)22-2771275
    B.E.:     Mechanical Engineering, NED University of Engineering & Technology,
 Sindh, Pakistan.
    M.E.:    Mechanical (Manufacturing) Engineering, NED University of
    Engineering & Technology, Karachi,
 Sindh, Pakistan.
    Research Interests:   Manufacturing Engineering

      Name:   Imtiaz Ali Memon
      Email:   [email protected]
      Office Phone No.: +9222771275
      B.E.:     Mechanical Engineering
      M.E.:    Mechanical Engineering
      Research Interests:   Energy system.



       Name:   Dr. Saifullah Samo        (HEC Approved Supervisor)
       Email:    [email protected]
       Office Phone No.: +92 (22) 2772250-73 (Ext. 2304)
       B.E.:     Mechanical Engineering, MUET, Jamshoro.
       M.E.:    Information Technology Engineering, MUET, Jamshoro.
       Ph.D.:  Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics), BIT, Beijing, China.
       Research Interests:   Mechatronics, Control Systems, Sensors, Actuators and
                                           Measurements Systems, robotic Systems.

       Name:   Engr. Raheel Ahmed Nizamani
       Email:    [email protected]
       Office Phone No.: +92 (22) 2772250-73 (Ext. 2305)
       B.E.:     Mechanical Engineering, MUET, Jamshoro.
       M.E.:    MechatronicsEngineering, MUET, Jamshoro.
       Research Interests:   Control Systems for Robots, IOT devices



  • Mr. Javed Rehman Larik
  • Mr. Zain-ul-Abdin

       Name:   Engr. Roshan Manghwar
       Email:    [email protected]edu.pk

       Office Phone No.: ++92 (22) 2772250-73 (Ext. 2305)
       B.E.:     Mechanical Engineering, MUET, Jamshoro.
       M.E.:    Manufacturing Engineering, MUET, Jamshoro 
       Research Interests:   Manufacturing processes, Aerodynamics and Mechanical Vibration


      Name:   Engr. Laveet Kumar  (On Study Leave)
       Email:    [email protected]

       Office Phone No.: +92 (22) 2772250-73 (Ext. 2305)
       B.E.:     Mechanical Engineering, MUET, Jamshoro.
       M.E.:     Energy System Engineering, Mehran UET, Jamshoro 
       Research Interests:   Thermodynamics, Advance Power Generation,Renewable and
                     Sustainable Energy,Energy Modeling, Energy Management and Policies. 

     Name:   Engr. Samiullah 
       Email:    [email protected][email protected]
       Office Phone No.: +92 (22) 2772250-73 (Ext. 2305)
       B.E.:     Mechanical Engineering, MUET, Jamshoro.
       M.E.:    Energy System Engineering, MUET, Jamshoro.
       Research Interests:   Exergy and Energy analysis of Trigeneration / cogeneration, 
                                           Waste heat recovery technologies, Solar power system

       Name:   Engr. Farhan Haider
       Email:    [email protected]

       Office Phone No.: +92 (22) 2772250-73 (Ext. 2305)
       B.E.:     Mechanical Engineering, MUET, Jamshoro.
       M.E.:    Manufacturing Engineering, MUET, Jamshoro 
       Research Interests:   Manufacturing Engineering

       Name:   Engr. Hafeez Khoharo 
       Email:   [email protected] / [email protected]
       Office Phone No.: +92 (22) 2772250-73 (Ext. 2305)
       B.E.:     QUEST, Nawabshah.
       M.E.:    Manufacturing Engineering, MUET, Jamshoro 
       Research Interests:  Design and prototyping, Sustainable Manufacturing,
                   Interfaces between materials, mechanics and manufacturing,Tribology in Manufacturing processes.

       Name:   Engr. Mohammad Waqas
       Email:   waqas[email protected]
       Office Phone No.: +92(22)2772250-73 (Ext. 2310)
       B.E.:     (Mechanical Engineering) MUET JAMSHORO
       M.E.:    Mechanical Engineering) NUST-PNEC Karachi.
       Research Interests:  Thermodynamics , Heat transfer, Renewable Energy, and Trigeneration

       Name:   Engr. Intizar Ali Tunio
       Email:    [email protected]
       B.E.:     Mechanical Engineering, MUET, Jamshoro.
       M.E.:     Manufacturing Engineering, MUET, Jamshoro.
       Research Interests:   Aerodynamic Design Optimization, Flow Control, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Mechanical Design



       Name:   Engr. Ans Ahmed Memon
       Email:    ans[email protected]
       B.E.:     Mechanical Engineering, MUET, Jamshoro.
       M.E.:     Energy System Engineering MUET Jamshoro 
       Research Interests:  Thermodynamics, Power Generation and Energy analysis of thermodynamic systems.


Lab. Engineers

Ali Muhammad Memon

Lab. Supervisors

      Name:   Muhammad Ali Soomro
      Email:   [email protected]
      Office Phone No.: +92(22)2772250-73 (Ext. 2314)
      B.E.:     Mechanical Engineering (MUET JAMSHORO)
      M.E.:    Mechatronics  Engineering (MUET JAMSHORO)
      Research Interests: Mechatronics, Smart materials, Instrumentation and Control.


IT Assistant

  • Mr. Saqib