Department of Mechanical Engineering houses following laboratories and workshops to conduct experiments and research. 


1.  Aerodynamics Laboratory





 2.  Automobile Laboratory





 3.  Computer Laboratory





 4.  Engineering Graphics Laboratory/Drawing Hall

Sound understanding of the graphics language is a must for any well-trained engineer; “Engineering Graphics” laboratory provides the required environment to develop the essential skills of mechanical/instrumental drafting. In this laboratory, students develop an understanding of drafting and design concepts through class lectures, individual study and problem-solving activities. Laboratory exercises require the application of principles, concepts, techniques and standards relating to mechanical/instrumental drafting.
Laboratory Incharge:          Muhammad Atif Khan Qaim Khani

 5.  Energy Technology Laboratory





 6.  Engineering Mechanics Laboratory

This laboratory covers the fundamental concepts of Engineering Mechanics which should be taught to the student of Mechanical Engineering at the preliminary level. This includes the external forces on bodies and their external effects i.e dealing with rigid body mechanics only. Also, it deals with equilibrium of rigid bodies, forces on frames and machines, cables subjected to various loadings, friction on horizontal and inclined planes, forces on crane jib and simple suspension bridge along with simulation software for the demonstration of uniformly distributed loadings(UDL) and point load etc..

Laboratory Incharge:          Rafique Ahmed Nizamani

Assistant Lab. Incharge:     Zain-ul-Abdin Qureshi



 7.  Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Fluid Mechanics laboratory provides a “hands on” environment that is crucial for developing students understanding of theoretical concepts.
In fluid mechanics laboratory we observe the behaviour of fluid flow under different laws of Fluid Mechanics with state of the art equipment.


Laboratory Incharge:            Prof. Dr. Rizwan Ahmed Hashmani
Assistant Lab. Incharge:       Abdul Samad Memon
Lab. Supervisor:                    Ali Muhammad Memon


 8.  Heat Transfer Laboratory





 9.  Material Testing Laboratory





 10.  Mechanical Vibrations Laboratory





 11.  Mechanics of Machines Laboratory

This lab covers the fundamental concepts of mechanics of machines which should be taught to the student of mechanical engineering in order to analyze the motion of various mechanisms working in different machines, automobiles etc. This lab also coversthe study of transmission of power from the driving to the driven shaft using gears, gear trains etc.  Governors, Cams & followers, Brakes & clutches, Automobile differential and Balancing of reciprocating and rotating masses are also included in experimentation work conducted in this lab.

Laboratory Incharge:          Rafique Ahmed Nizamani

Assistant Lab. Incharge:     Zain-ul-Abdin Quresh

 12.  Mechatronics Laboratory

Mechatronics is the blend of Mechanical, Electronics, Computer and Control technologies. Experiments carried out in Mechatronics laboratory prepare students to synergistically apply their knowledge of above fileds to develop industrial applications. A dedicated website for the laboratory is under construction which may be visited by clicking here.

Laboratory Incharge:          Dr. Jawaid Daudpoto

Lab. Supervisor:                  Engr. Muhammad Ali Soomro 


 13.  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Laboratory





 14.  Thermodynamics Laboratory





 15.  Workshop

Mechanical Engineering Workshop consist of following shops:

Overview of the Shop can be viewed by clicking here.

A presentation on these shops can be viewed by clicking here

Following laboratories shall also be developed in near future.

1.   Instrumentation and Control Laboratory

2.   Modelling and Simulation Laboratory 

3.   Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory

The Mechanical Engineering content is developed and maintained by Dr. Jawaid Daudpoto and Engr. Muhammad Ali Soomro. Photo credits: Engr. Muhammad Ali Soomro and Zulfikar Ali Pathan.