Message from HoD

The Mechanical Engineering program entails varying amounts of research and community projects to gain practical problem-solving experience. Mechanical engineering students usually avail one or more internships during their course of study. The theory classes of many subjects are being supported by the practical work for which different laboratories are established. Professional design and simulation software are used for carrying out analysis of various engineering systems.
The students get the hands-on training on various equipment and trainers located in the Mechanical 
Engineering Workshop. The Workshop training not only includes traditional machining, fitting, forging, foundry, welding, and wood working, but also encompass training on modern CNC machines. The Department also offers evening program of Postgraduate Diploma (P.G.D) and Master of Engineering (M.E) in Manufacturing Engineering and Energy Systems Engineering.
The Department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest and prestigious departments of the 
University supported and equipped with highly qualified faculty and modern laboratories namely:
• Aerodynamics Laboratory
• Automobile Laboratory
• Computer Laboratory
• Drawing Hall
• Energy Technology Laboratory
• Engineering Mechanics Laboratory
• Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
• Heat Transfer Laboratory
• Material Testing Laboratory
• Mechanical Vibrations Laboratory
• Mechanics of Machines Laboratory
• Mechatronics Laboratory
• Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Laboratory
• Thermodynamics Laboratory
• Workshop
Besides normal academic activities, the Department’s faculty and students are involved in research 
and development activities in collaboration with industries. 
The Department has 23 full-time faculty members who are involved in teaching and research 
activities. Currently 504 undergraduate, 27 postgraduate and 03 PhD students are enrolled in the Department.
The post graduate programs in Manufacturing and Energy Systems Engineering focuses on the 
thorough study of related systems. The post graduate students also carry out research under the 
supervision of qualified faculty members.
Prof. Dr. Dur Muhammad Pathan
Department of Mechanical Engineering