Software Engineering


The Mehran University of Engineering & Technology established stand alone Software Department realizing the need of this degree program in upcoming time.

The program provides students with an in depth understanding of software engineering with IT dependent enterprises,student developed capabilities in analysis,design and implementation of Software Engineering principles 
The Course Layout is Revised to Combat the needs of professional software engineers at national and international levels. Department is also supported by an updated section in Central Library. The degree in B.E. (Software Engineering) was realized as the need of present and future time to come. To meet the latest trends in Software and Hardware technology department has the following state of the art laboratories,where students are trained to meet the future needs of the technology. 

  1. Software Quality Assurance & Testing Lab
  2. Visual Informatics and Image processing Laboratory.
  3. Data Warehousing and Management Laboratory.
  4. 3-DModeling and Visualization Laboratory.
  5. Software Research and Development Laboratory.
  6. Parallel Processing and Cluster Computing Lab

The Labs are working in networked as well as on stand-alone bases. Extensive internet access facility is available for staff as well as students of both Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students.