Office of Industrial Liaison


Dr. Muhammad Moazam Baloch
Industrial Liaison
Ph: 022-2771425

The Directorate

The Directorate of Industrial Liaison (DIL) was established in 1985 to enhance university-industry interaction in a manner to expose students & faculty maximally to the industry. To keep up pace with the development in technology, both have to share their expertise and knowledge in such a way so that the isolation of both the sectors should come to an end.
And active collaboration should usher in an era of mutual cooperation and joint ventures. The directorate arranges interships for senior students and conduct seminars to share expertise, know how and changes in the technology with the out side world. The Directorate has full time Director and coordination committee having a member from each department of the university.


The Directorate aims to:

  • Establish linkage with the industry
  • Provide internship to students
  • Organize value aided short courses, workshops and seminars for professional development of students and faculty
  • Arrange job placement tests for National and Multinational organizations
  • Career Counselling
  • Invite Multinational organizations and private sector to work on collaborative research projects


Seminars & Workshops (Organized)

  1. Education in British Institutions, August 1997.
  2. Sustainable Development in Civil Engineering, December 1997.
  3. Series of two days short course on ISO 9000 during Nov-Dec, 1997.
  4. University Industry Interaction, March 1998.
  5. Interviewings skills, September, 1998.
  6. Leadership in 21st Century October, 1998.
  7. How to improve your mind power, December 1998.
  8. Career Planning October, 1999.
  9. Communication and Presentation Skills February, 2000.

Seminars & Workshops (Participated)

  1. University-Industry Interaction, COMSTECH-ISESCO 12-13 September, 1997, Karachi.
  2. 5th course on basic VLSI Design Techniques, Inter