Call for Papers & Invitation to Participate in National Workshop on "Intellectual Property Rights in Pakistan: Challenges & Opportunities"

17/02/2012 - 12:34pm

Call for Papers and Invitation to Participate

National Workshop on

Intellectual Property Rights in Pakistan: Challenges and Opportunities

April 26, 2012
Mehran University of Engineering & Technology Jamshoro




Mehran University Institute of Science, Technology and Development (MUISTD) is established at Jamshoro to produce the required highly qualified manpower at various level of policy, management and administration for promotion and development of Science and Technology enterprise and Innovation Management in private and public sector.

It is envisaged to be a center of excellence for teaching, training and research required to respond to the modern day challenges and to cater to the needs of socio-economic development of the country.

MUISTD is intended to serve as a nerve center and conduct critical review of the situation currently and futuristically, and render suitable advice for the required scientific and technological development of Academics, Researchers, Industry, and Government etc.


There is evidence that strengthened Intellectual Property Rights stimulate innovation in developing countries (Maskus et al. 2005). The development of new products, services and creation of new businesses in various sectors have direct link with IPR systems and its effective enforcement. If, there is strong and effective IPR regime in the country, it boosts the investment of private firms in trainings and research & development and also attracts the foreign direct investment. Ensuring intellectual property rights facilitates foreign investment and promotes economic growth.

Today, most of the higher education institutions in Pakistan are moving towards providing consultancy services and showing engagement with research and some institutions are even commercializing their research findings. On the other hand, Higher Education Commission (HEC) is also assisting highly potential research institutions in developing the necessary institutional infrastructure for innovation and commercialization of research. The productivity of some universities, in terms of producing PhDs and publications, has also increased in many folds in last decade in the country.

The current level of awareness of researchers in most universities and R&D institutions in developing country as regards to intellectual property systems (patents, utility models, industrial design, trademarks, copyright etc.) is still rather low. The survey results at a premier higher education institutions located in Sindh revealed that the most of researchers lack awareness about the intellectual property rights in general, and information on patent, copyrights and licenses in particular. In this way, lack of interest towards research and less impact of research from scientists is evident.  

As a result of these evidences, MUISTD is taking the initiative to enhance the understanding about very integral component of innovation, the IPR. The main aim of the workshop is to create awareness on role of IPR in economic development amongst the scientific and business community, and other stakeholders in Pakistan.

This workshop will also provide platform for sharing experiences with regard to IPRs and discuss the various challenges of global treaty such as World Trade Organization; The Agreements on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) etc.  The workshop will also equip the researchers and technology developers of the HEIs with the knowledge of existing laws and systems of the IPR through which they will be able to protect their knowledge and technologies respectively. The studies of successful business applications will also encourage individuals to utilize the benefits of IPR more effectively towards commercialization and technology transfer from universities to industries.


  • Existing Systems supporting IPRs in Pakistan
  • Review of IP Laws
  • Application of IP Laws – Business cases
  • Technology Transfer and Generation of Income through Commercialization of IPRs in Pakistan
  • Intellectual Property (IP) and Technological Innovation
  • The Importance of IP and Technology Management for Universities and Research Institutions
  • Role of IPRs in encouraging Foreign Direct Investment and Technology Transfer
  • The impacts of Agreement on TRIPS on Pakistan’s Patent law and Practice


Full paper submission                  March 25, 2012

Full paper acceptance                   April 05, 2012

Registration deadline                    April 20, 2012    Registration form can be downloaded from the here

Significant and original (unpublished) submissions are solicited. Full paper should not exceed 8,000 words and include an abstract of 300 words. All submissions can be sent through email [email protected] by March 25th 2012.  All full papers will be reviewed by a Reviewing Committee. Those accepted will be invited to present their paper in the workshop. Detailed instructions for formatting the paper and other details on the workshop will be sent to authors with the acceptance decision.


Dr. Arabella Bhutto
Workshop Coordinator
Mehran University Institute of Science, Technology and Development
Mehran University of Engineering and Technology
Jamshoro – 76062, Sindh, Pakistan
Ph: 92 22 2772430-33; Fax: 92 22 2772432
Email:  [email protected]

Mehran University Institute of Science, Technology and Development (MUISTD)
Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro

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