Final Year Project Exhibition 2015 - Electronics Department

17/02/2015 - 5:46pm

It has continued to be a tradition of the Department of Electronics Engineering to organize various competitive events -for which usually it remains in the limelight, for the students in order to provide them a platform to exhibit their technical project designing and programming skills and to inculcate among them the spirit of a competitive environment. In this context, Final Year Project Exhibition was organized on 4 th February 2015 by the department of Electronic Engineering Mehran University Jamshoro. The main theme of the event was to provide the students of 11ES with an opportunity to showcase their talent, skills and creative ideas through their project design. This event not only enabled 11ES students to bring forward their potential in the form of quality work on technical projects but it also provided an opportunity to other batches of the department especially the one that is currently in their final year of study to get new ideas and thoughts regarding final year project design and to learn the methods and complexities involved in the work of designing projects.

The guest of honour for this exhibition was Dr. Shahid Mirza, Managing Director Saztel Communication and Electronics. He, along with Prof. Dr. Wajiha Shah, Chairperson Department of Electronic Engineering and other faculty members visited the exhibition, appreciated the hard work put in by students, cherished their valued participation and gave them some useful suggestions on how electronic projects be improved such that they live up to the current market trends for future enhancement. While interacting with the participants, Head of the department, Prof. Dr.Wajiha Shah emphasized that acquiring degree should not be the only purpose of students rather they should be technically sound and competent. She was of the view that by arranging such type of competitions, students get a chance to portray and share their unique, imaginative and creative ideas.

A good number of students comprising of almost 21 groups participated in the exhibition. Special arrangements were made to showcase the projects in Project lab, Digital Signal processing lab and Communication lab of the department.

Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry and Dr. Wajiha Shah were the chief coordinators of this Exhibition. The event was organized by Faculty members of Dept of Electronic Engineering, Engr. Zaigham Abbas Shah, Engr. Aamir Ali Patoli, Engr. Mansoor Ali, Engr. Shoaib Hassan Khaskheli, and Engr. Azam Rafique Memon. The student volunteers from 12ES (Mahnoor fayaz Memon, Muneeb ahmed, Bilal athar, Aqsa Abbasi, Farheen Irshad, Maleeha Shaikh, Aunsa Shah, Fatima Zareen, Sanjha Khan) were highly instrumental in making this event successful by providing all the assistance to organizers ranging from poster designing to setting up of labs to display the projects.

It is pertinent to note that a highly distinguished team of evaluators comprising of Dr. Imtiaz Hussain Kalwar (Assistant Professor – MUET), Dr. Wanod Kumar (Assistant Professor – MUET), and Dr. Tayyab Din Memon (Assistant Professor – MUET), Dr. Arbab Nighat (Assistant Professor – MUET), Dr.Abdul Basit Memon (Assistant Professor – MUET) evaluated the projects. The Top Overall 8 teams were selected for cash prizes, comprising of top 3 winners and 5 consolation prizes.

The Selected Teams are:

1. Magnetic Damping Disc Breaking System

Supervisor: Dr. Imtiaz Huusain Kalwar
Co-supervisor: Engr. Kamran Kazi

1. Burhan Aslam 11ES104 (Group Leader)
2. Erum Karim 11ES73
3. Kapan Devi 11ES74
4. Sonia Qazi 11ES108
5. Muddasar Akram 11ES112
6. Syed Wajahat Ali 11ES141

2. Design and Implementation of Electrooculogram (EOG) Data Acquisition System

Supervisor: Dr. Wanod Kumar
Co-supervisor: Dr.Tayab Din Memon


1. Muhammad Suleman 11ES22 (Group Leader)
2. Mir Shah Nawaz 11ES19
3. Muhammad Siddique 11ES02
4. Muhammad Anis Nizamani 11ES56
5. Arfat Aslam Khatri 11ES29
6. Haseeb Ahmed 11-10ES29

3. IOT: Smart Animal Farm

Supervisor: Dr. Wanod Kumar
Co-supervisor: Engr. M. Zaigham Abbas Shah


1. Muhammad Hunain Memon 11ES121 (Group Leader)
2. Bilal Aziz 11ES140
3. Daniyal Siddiqui 11ES142
4. Hasnain Raziq Noonari 11ES119
5. Saadia Kulsoom Memon 11ES127

4. Induction and Solar System Electric Vehicle

Supervisor: Prof.Dr.Wajiha Shah
Co-supervisor: Engr. Zaigham Abbas Shah


1. Arshad Ali Baloch 11ES100 (Group Leader)
2. Naeem Ahmed Mangi 11ES99
3. Kazim Hussain 11ES93
4. Sadam Hussain Dogar 11ES111
5. Juma Boy Juma 11ES143
6. Farooq Ahmed Baloch 11ES144 

5. Grid Based Target Tracking of Armed Soldier Robot
Supervisor: Dr.imtiaz Hussain Kalwar
Co-supervisor: Dr. Tayab Din Memon


1. Muhammad Fawad 11ES03 (Group Leader)
2. Junaid Abbasi 11ES16
3. Mian Sarmad Saeed 11ES53
4. Maliha Siddiqah 11ES55

6. Development of Search Algorithms for Path Planning of Mobile Robot

Supervisor: Prof.Dr. B.S Chowdhry
Co-supervisor: Engr. Zaigham Abbas Shah/Engr. Azam Rafique Memon


1. Sughandh 11ES32 (Group Leader)
2. Batool 11ES06
3. Shahnaz Lashari 11ES05
4. Kiran Rafique Memon 11ES11
5. Murk Baloch 11ES13

7. GSM Based Advanced Notice Board Display

Supervisor: Dr. B.S. Chowdhry
Co-Supervisor: Dr. Wajiha Shah / Engr. Azam Rafique Memon


1. Sonia Bibi 11ES15 (Group Leader)
2. Qurat-ul-Ain Pathan 11ES26
3. Muhammad Yasir Qureshi 11ES64
4. Saima Jatoi 11ES49
5. Memona Anwar Memon 11ES08
6. Junaid Qureshi 11ES57

8. Pet-bot

Supervisor: Engr. Kamran Kazi
Co-supervisor: Engr. Azam Rafique Memon


1. Syed Zulfiqar Ali Zaidi 11ES46 (Group Leader)
2. Tur Ali Sina Khan 11ES59
3. Ali Akbar Shah 11ES20
4. Zeeshan Anwar 11ES138
5. Sundar Lal 11ES51
6. Faraz Ahmed Bhatti 11ES110

Report compiled by:
Mansoor Ali