IEEE National Workshop on Robotics & Industrial Automation

07/09/2016 - 12:09pm

IAS Lahore Section in collaboration with IEEE Chapter of "University of Management and Technology Lahore" organized IAS IEEE National Workshop on Robotics and Industrial Automation on 24th August 2016.

Students (Hima Zafar,Sanjha Khan and Asma Channa) from IICT  Mehran UET were invited as guest speakers. The workshop was designed to acknowledge students regarding trend in Industrial Automation. The workshop was followed by 7 sessions from best Speakers in field of Industrial Automation and at the end of event; there was a panel discussion of Industrial Experts and Students.

Workshop Content:

1. Introduction to Machine Consciousness (future challenges in the development of Humanoid Robots)

2. Introduction to Urban Robots used in Agriculture.

3. Industry 4.0 (The Future of Industrial Robotics)

4. Improvements real-life Robotic applications and future development of the projects.

5. Usage of PLC-SCADA in Industrial Automation.

6. Smart City and Smart Automation

7. Panel Discussion

Students who participated in the workshop came from all over the Pakistan (Punjab, Sindh and KPK). Technological advancements in Robotics and Industrial Automation was discussed in the session. Participants acknowledged the worth is linkage of Academia and Industry. They came to know how to enhance their skills so that they can introduce themselves in industry.

Glimpses of IEEE National Workshop on Robotics and Industrial Automation: