List of Pending Admission Forms

10/10/2014 - 6:59pm
(Updated to 10/10/14)
( The missing documents can be sent through TCS to, Director Admissions, Mehran UET, Jamshoro. Must mention your Form No.).
( For Signature you have to come personally in the office of , Director Admissions, Mehran UET, Jamshoro).
S. No. Admission  Name of Candidate Father’s Name District of Domicile Reasons (Documents / Signature Missing)
Form No.
1 18625 Lutif Ali / Haji Jumoon Muhammad Saleem T. Allahyar D.D for Self Finance 
2 00547 Sobia Parveen Muhammad Khan Kambar All Documents
3 00816 Akshay Kumar Ramesh Kumar Larkana HSC Marksheet
4 00860 Abdul Ghaffar Abdul Razaque Larkana HSC Marksheet
5 01055 Imbisat Ali Gul Muhammad  Dadu HSC Marksheet
6 01100 Ahsan Iqbal Iqbal Ahmed Lund Dadu DAE Certificate
7 01593 Siraj-u-ddin Abid Ali Ghotki HSC Marksheet
8 01627 Faizan  Nazeer Ahmed Qureshi Shikarpur HSC Marksheet
9 01658 Muhammad Usama Munir Qurban Channa Shikarpur HSC Marksheet
10 01851 Sadam Hussain  Gul Muhammad  Ghotki HSC Marksheet
11 01910 Salal Ali Nadir Ali Larkana Equivalance Certificate
12 02087 Ashfaq Hussain Altaf Hussain Shikarpur HSC Marksheet
13 02326 Farooq Munir Munir Ahmed Dayo Ghotki DAE Certificate
14 02516 Syed tanveer Ahmed Shah Peeral Shah Sukkur HSC Marksheet
15 02578 Muhammad Aslam Ghulam Safdar Sukkur DAE Certificate
16 02626 Muhammad Aqib Manzoor Ahmed Ghotki All Documents
17 02714 Muhammad Ali Fayaz Naz Sukkur HSC Marksheet
18 02723 Muhammad Afzal Khan Jamshed hassan Khan Shikarpur HSC Marksheet
19 02752 Mashooq Ali Ghulam Hyder Jacobabad HSC Marksheet
20 02783 Agha Saad Khan Agha Assadullah Khan Shikarpur HSC Marksheet
21 03784 Azhar Ali Ghulab Ali  Khairpur Mir's HSC Marksheet (Pre- Medical)
22 04528 Zohaib Saleem Muhammad Saleem Memon S. B. Abad HSC Marksheet
23 04567 Sarfraz Ali Zulfiqar Ali Soomro S. B. Abad HSC Marksheet
24 04584 Rana Daniyal Mursaleen Rajput S. B. Abad HSC Marsheet
25 04702 Shaman Ali Haji Muhammad Ibrahim S. B. Abad HSC Marksheet
26 05858 Waseem Moosa Muhammad Moosa Umerkot HSC Marksheet, Domicile, PRC
27 05919 Adnan Danish Ghulam Rasool Arain Badin DAE Certificate
28 06146 Arooba Ghulam Abbas Memon Thatta HSC (P.E) Marksheet
29 06303 Muhammad Ishtiaq Muhammad Ishaq Karachi HSC Marksheet
30 06429 Ismail Muhammad Ayoub Larkana HSC Marksheet
31 06510 Sayed Ghulam Mujtaba Syed Ghous Ali Shah Khairpur Mir's HSC Marksheet
32 06518 Zuhaib Hussain Iqbal Hussain Baloch Karachi HSC Marksheet
33 06564 Zohaib Ahmed Shakeel Ahmed Sukkur HSC Marksheet
34 06632 Mustafa Ahmed  Iqrar Ahmed Siddiqui Hyderabad Equivalance Certificate
35 06645 Zahid Ali Pir Bux Soomro Kashmore HSC Marksheet
36 06750 Mueezuddin Arif Arifuddin Karachi HSC Marksheet
37 06826 Basit Ali Osat Ali Syed Mirpurkhas HSC Marksheet
38 06941 Muhammad Haris Muhammad Khan Nizamani Badin HSC Marksheet
39 06949 Hassan Shamshad Shamshad Ahmed Sanghar HSC Marksheet
40 06978 Sijad Ali Mevo Khan Kalhoro Ghotki HSC Marksheet
41 07089 Hassan Sadiq Muhammad Sadiq Karachi HSC Marksheet
42 07195 Hassan Abbas Abid Abbas Rajput Hyderabad HSC Marksheet
43 08491 Syed Mahad Ali Syed Amir ali Hyderabad HSC Marksheet
44 09445 Muhammad Adeel Khalid Masood Arain  Hyderabad DAE Certificate
45 09969 Unas Sikandar Sikandar Ali Butt Dadu HSC Marksheet
46 10488 Sayed Imdad Ali Shah Sayed Abdullah Shah Jamshoro HSC Marksheet
47 10674 Abdullah Muhammad ramzan Sanghar HSC Marksheet
48 10733 Muhammad Talha Ikram ud Din Hyderabad DAE Certificate
49 10994 Allah bachayo Umaid Ali Leghari Mirpurkhas HSC Marksheet
50 11008 Nadeem Ahmed Muhammad Aqil Karachi HSC Marksheet
51 11222 Amir Humzo Ghulam Shabir Sahito N. Feroz HSC Marksheet
52 11274 Hamid Ali Ghulam Abbas Dadu HSC Marksheet
53 11334 Owais Ghulam Mustafa T. Allahyar HSC Marksheet
54 11566 Jahangir Irfan Muhammad Irfan T. Allahyar HSC Marksheet
55 11651 Umesh Kumar Sajjan Mal Larkana HSC and SSC Marksheet
56 11705 Razaullah Bakht Zaman N.A HSC Marksheet, Domicile, PRC
57 11725 Danish Didar Ali Bhatti Karachi HSC Marksheet
58 11799 Masroor Muhammad Juman Matiari DAE Certificate
59 11956 Shahneela Yar Muhammad Kerio Hyderabad HSC Marksheet
60 12259 Afaque Ahmed Rafique Ahmed Shaikh Dadu DAE Certificate
61 00164 Irfan Ali Azizullah Lolai Larkana Signature missing
62 00188 Habib Khadim Hussain Kalar Shikarpur Signature missing
63 00208 Liaqat Ali Abdul Majeed  Dadu Signature missing
64 00364 Muhammad Faheem Nazir Ahmed Bughio Jamshoro Signature missing
65 00400 Muswar Ali Hakim Ali Abro Karachi Signature missing
66 00586 Nayab Hussain Allah Dino Larkana Signature missing
67 00758 Nasir Mehmood Naseer Muhammad Jacobabad Signature missing
68 00958 Naeem Akhtar Abdul Rasool Kambar Signature missing
69 00978 Koomal Sanaullah Larkana Signature missing
70 01302 Jamil Ahmed  Shamasdin Ghotki Signature missing
71 01470 Abrar Ali Imtiaz Ali Memon Shikarpur Signature missing
72 01610 Fazal Muhammad Mushtaq Ahmed Dahani Kashmore Signature missing, HSC Marksheet
73 01696 Ghalib Hussain Abdul Ghaffar Jacobabad Signature missing
74 01871 Awais Waheed Anbdul Waheed Ghotki Signature missing
75 01883 Adnan Ahmed Abdul Qadir Sarki Jacobabad Signature missing
76 01937 Avinash Prem Chand Ghotki Signature missing
77 02046 Noor Hassan Ghous Bux Ghotki Signature missing
78 02102 Muzaffar Ali Ghulam Sarwar Chachar Sukkur Signature missing
79 02115 Syed Inamullah Shah Syed Anwar Ali Shah Ghotki Signature missing
80 02285 Muntazir Mehdi Ghulam Nabi Pitafi Ghotki Signature missing
81 02309 Abdul Basit Abdul Waheed Kashmore Signature missing
82 02434 Mahboob Ali Muhammad Nawaz Ghotki Signature missing
83 02462 Syed Umeed Ali Shah Syed Kamran Hussain Shah Khairpur Mir's Signature missing
84 02469 Hamza Ayaz Ayaz Ahmed Abro Jacobabad Signature missing
85 02542 Farooque Ahmed Manzoor Ahmed Sukkur Signature missing
86 02548 Qamar-U-Din Khadim Hussain Kalwar Sukkur Signature missing
87 02595 Mahnoor Shaikh Zafar Ahmed Shaikh Sukkur Signature missing
88 02641 Muhammad Javed Haji Samandar Ali Ghotki Signature missing
89 02647 Zia Rehman Asadullah Hakro Shikarpur Signature missing
90 02683 Shahroz Ali Abdul Ghaffar Sukkur Signature missing
91 02753 Mansoor Ahmed Wahid Dino Ghotki Signature missing
92 02773 Rizwan Ali Ishtiaque Ali Sukkur Signature missing
93 02774 Babar Shakeel Shakeel Aftab Sukkur Signature missing
94 02799 Muhammad Abdul Salam Abdul Rehman Soomro Shikarpur Signature missing
95 02810 Sania Suhrab Ali Khairpur Mir's Signature missing
96 03043 Saeed Ahmed  Muhammad Bachal Khairpur Mir's Signature missing
97 03167 Suhail Ahmed Hazoor bux Khairpur Mir's Signature missing
98 03207 Irfan Ahmed Muhammad Khan Khairpur Mir's Signature missing
99 03209 Ghulam Akbar Ghulam ShabirKerio Khairpur Mir's Signature missing
100 03280 Suhail Ahmed Nek Muhammad Khairpur Mir's Signature missing
101 03284 Jinsar Ali Muhammad Essa Khairpur Mir's Signature missing
102 03505 Muhammad Azhar Ghulam Muhammad Khairpur Mir's Signature missing, HSC Marksheet
103 03554 Arif Ali Mehar Hussain Khairpur Mir's Signature missing
104 03626 Ghulam Asghar Ali Khan Khairpur Mir's Signature missing
105 03760 Rajab Ali Nazar Muhammad Khairpur Mir's Signature missing
106 04093 Ghulzar Ali Dildar Khan N. Feroz Signature missing
107 04146 Rukhsar Ali Muhammad Ayoub N. Feroz Signature missing
108 04683 Musawir Ahmed Ishrat Muhamood Khanzada S. B. Abad Signature missing
109 04695 Tariq Ali Ghulam Ali S. B. Abad Signature missing
110 05291 Rajesh Kumar Ramchand Mirpurkhas Signature missing
111 05435 Abdul Latif Muhammad Ashraf Arain Umerkot Signature missing
112 06147 Mehar Ali Ali Muhammad Thatta Signature missing
113 06282 Mehtab Ali Aftab Ahmed Memon Thatta Signature missing
114 06315 Syed Musawar Hussain Syed Hassan Ali Larkana Signature missing
115 06403 Muhammad Zahid Ghulam Nabi Tagar Ghotki Signature missing
116 06405 Faisal  Nek Muhammad Qureshi Karachi Signature missing
117 06418 Masroor Ghulam Shabir Soomro Larkana HSC Marksheet, Signature
118 06444 Shahabuddin Abdul Ghafoor Ghotki Signature missing
119 06499 Umair Ahmed Khuda Bux Golo Kashmore Signature missing
120 06623 Wisal Khan Sayyar Khan Karachi Signature missing
121 06738 Muhammad Talha Muhammad Ishtiaq Mirpurkhas Signature missing
122 06780 Izhar Ahmed Abdul Razaque Sukkur Signature missing
123 06966 Sobia Zaheeruddin Channar N. Feroz Signature missing
124 07004 Suhail Ahmed Hakim Ali Khemtio Khairpur Mir's Signature missing
125 07374 Zuhaib Ali Damsaz Ali T. M. Khan Signature missing
126 07863 Muhsin Ali Sikandar Ali Bhutto Jamshoro Signature missing
127 08067 Sardar Habib Hussain Muhammad Azam Jamshoro Signature missing
128 08090 Sikandar Hussain Pir Bux Kolachi T. M. Khan Signature missing
129 08112 Salman Jamal Ashraf Bhatti Hyderabad Signature missing
130 08489 Kainat M. Iqbal Arain Hyderabad Signature missing
131 08532 Asif Jamil Jamil Ahmed Rajput Hyderabad Signature missing
132 09744 Mukesh Kumar Mangan Tharparkar Signature missing
133 10654 Muhammad Arsalan Muhammad Moin Jamshoro Signature missing
134 10660 Abdul Hayeeul Khalid Rehman Dadu Signature missing
135 11262 Muhammad Asif Anwar Ali Narejo Sanghar Signature missing
136 12305 Zahid Rasool Ghulam Rasool N. Feroz Signature missing