Mehran Electronic Students Project Exhibition and Competition (MESPEC' 11)


MESPEC'11Electronics department, Mehran UET once again succeeded in achieving a milestone by arranging MESPEC’11, a project exhibition and competition for 3rd year electronic students. The event was all about providing students a chance to showcase their talents by overcoming possible technical hurdles and re-inventing the sense of competition.

The competition took place in the Advanced Telecommunication & Telematics Laborotory and the Digital Electronics and Microprocessors Laborotory in the department of Electronics, MUET on 14th April 2011. 

A spectacular collection of hardware/ software projects were displayed. Covering most sub-fields of electronic engineering including control engineering; signal processing, communication, microcontrollers as well as hardware interfacing. The students put in an applaudable effort and via these projects not only did they present new and innovative ideas but also proposed and modelled different practical solutions to many untackled problems in this advanced era.

The projects were evaluated in terms of perception, presentation, hardware/software and applications by the evaluation team which was led by Dr Hameedullah Kazi Chairman Electronics and Vice Dean of Isra University including Dr. Khalil Dayo, Dr. Wajiha Shah and Engr. Attiya Baqai who are all Assistant Professors at the department of Electronics Engineering MUET.

After accumulative compilation of the results the consolation prize was awarded to the project “Automatic Railway Tunnel Light Control System”, the 2nd runner up project was “Car Monitoring and Rescue System” 1st runner up project was “Object Tracking/Detecting System Using Image Processing and winning project was “Modern Industrial Process Using Conveyer Belt with Robotic Arm”.         

The participants were enormously encouraged and appreciated by numerous guests and visitors from different institutes and walks of life. The Vice Chancellor Dr. A. Q. K. Rajput, Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr Aslam Uqaili, Dean FEECE Dr B. S. Chowdhry, Dr Aftab Memon Chairman Telecommunication Department and senior faculty members from MUET also visited the exhibition; they highly appreciated the students for their hardwork and thoughtfully guided them for future endeavors.

The event was made possible by the untiring efforts of the co-ordinators Engr Yasmeen Naz Panhwar and Engr. Saba Baloch, both working as lecturers at Department of Electronics and the organizing team from 09ES comprising of Agha Sarfaraz, Asif Hameed, Ayub Laghari, Faizan Mateen, Mehran Khan Memon, Mudasir Hussain, Nouman Naseer, Sara Rahman and Sundus Solangi.

The closing ceremony was held in the Advanced Telecommunication & Telematics Laborotory. The winners were awarded with cash prizes and certificates and the organizers were awarded with certificates of appreciation by the honorary guest Dr Hameedullah Kazi. A shield on behalf of the co-ordinators was also presented to Dr Hameedullah Kazi.

Report Compiled by Engr Saba Baloch