Mehran UET ID Card Design Competition

10/02/2015 - 3:24pm

Mehran UET is in process of replacing the existing paper ID cards with color PVC cards for their Employees as well as students.

The Dimensions of this new PVC card is as per ISO Standard i.e. 85.5x54x0.84mm

The proposed design of this card will be in color with picture of holder on the front and may carry an image of an iconic building of Mehran in background.
The front side of the card may carry the name and designation/department of the card holder.
The other vital data of the card holder can be located on the backside of the card which will be in black/white print.
All the employees/students and even ex-students of Mehran are encouraged to prepare and suggest a suitable design of this new ID card and can participate in this ID card design competition.
The selected designer will be given a cash award
The proposed card designs can be submitted to Registrar Mehran UET office thru email [email protected]
Please mention ID Card Design Competition in the Subject line of your email
Also include your complete name and contact number (preferably mobile) in the email.
Only medium sized resolution card design should be attached in the email and original design should be retained,
Registrar may contact the shortlisted candidates to bring high resolution card design latter.
Last date for the submission is 16th Feb 2015