Project Exhibition of 09 Final Year Electronic Engineering Students, MUET Jamshoro

15/03/2013 - 9:23am

Department of Electronics Engineering organized the first ever Project Exhibition of Final year students. The event was all about providing the students of 09ES a platform to showcase their Final Year Projects/theses. Faculty members, current students and a delegate from Spain visited the exhibition and acknowledged the hard work put in by the students. The basic purpose of this exhibition was to let the current students especially  new final year (10-batch)to know about the type of projects being designed and research conducted in the Department, and also allowing them to understand the various techniques and methodologies used by seniors hence providing them a direction and guideline to work on their  forthcoming final year projects.

09 Final Year ES Project Exhibition

09 Final Year ES Project Exhibition

09 Final Year ES Project Exhibition

09 Final Year ES Project Exhibition

09 Final Year ES Project Exhibition

09 Final Year ES Project Exhibition

09 Final Year ES Project Exhibition

09 Final Year ES Project Exhibition

The guest of honour of this exhibition was Prof. Javier Ponchela from University of Malaga, Spain. Prof. Javier Ponchela, Dr. BS Chowdhry, Dean FEECE and Dr. Madam Wajiha Shah, Chairperson visited exhibition, and appreciated efforts made by students in designing their projects/theses.

In total 119 students participated and presented 25 projects/theses in this exhibition. The exhibition took place in five different labs of Department of Electronic Engineering and IIT Building.

Dr. BS Chowdhry and Dr. Wajiha Shah were the chief coordinators of this Exhibition. The event was organized by Faculty members of Dept of Electronic Engineering, Engr. Kamran Kazi, Engr. Shakeela Memon, Engr. Khuhed Memon, Engr. Saba Baloch, Engr. YasmeenPanhwar, Engr. Aamir Ali Patoli, Engr. Azam Rafique Memon. The student organizers also gave their best in order to make this event a success.

A highly distinguished team of evaluators, comprising of Dr. Wanod Kumar, Dr. Imtiaz Kalwar and Dr. Tayyab Memon, evaluated the projects. The Top 8 teams were awarded cash prizes. Top 3 winners and 5 consolation prizes. The Selected Teams are:

1.      Automated Control System with HMI Design

a.      Asif Hameed (09ES73)

b.      Jahangir Badar (09ES72)

c.       Syeda Zainab Shah (09ES128)

d.      Tooba Shah (09ES121)

e.      Rehan Ahmed (09ES49)

f.        Muhammad Ilyas (09ES85)

2.      Test Interface for Machine Vision based Automatic Instrument Cluster inspection

a.      Faraz Ahmed Nizamani (09ES138)

b.      Usman Ayaz (09ES70)

c.       Sanjay Kumar (09ES48)

d.      QaziFahad Ahmed (09ES144)

e.      Muhammad Taimoor Khan (09ES135)

f.        Muhammad Ibad (09ES131)

3.      Intelligent Domestic Electricity Theft Detection and Avoidance System

a.      Muhammad Zakir Shaikh (09ES17)

b.      Syeda Madiha Asim Shah (09ES32)

c.       Muqadas Khursheed (09ES02)

d.      Sharmeen Keerio (09ES22)

e.      Usama Kaimkhani (09ES38)

4.      Monitoring and Control of Syrup Filling System

a.      Ehsanullah (09ES75)

b.      Muhammad Fahad Khan (09ES134)

c.       Bilal Masood Khan (09ES136)

d.      Zain-ul-Ebad (09ES141)

e.      Muhammad Nouman (09ES129)

f.        Muhammad Abdullah (09ES132)

5.      EOG Based Literature Robotic Arm Interface for Partially paralytic patients

a.      Muhammad Awais Memon (09ES123)

b.      Abdullah Khan (09ES18)

c.       Roa Ramsha Ali (09ES06)

d.      Yusra Jat (09ES84)

e.      Muhammad Ali (09ES112)

f.        Syed Mustafa Ali (09ES101)

6.      Car Monitoring & Rescue System

a.      Mehran Khan Memon (09ES52)

b.      Kishore Kumar (09ES54)

c.       Muhammad Faizan Shaikh (09ES42)

d.      Kamran Badar Baloch (09ES12)

e.      Arsalan Arain (09ES46)

f.        Ahmed Mujtaba (09ES124)

7.      Design & Analysis of MIMO Controller for a satellite Trajectory Control System

a.      Muhammad Talha (09ES79)

b.      Nouman Naeer (09ES24)

c.       Hamna Nasir (09ES68)

d.      Agha Sarfaraz Khan (09ES50)

e.      Asra Khan (09ES122)

f.        Muhammad Bilal (09ES104)

8.      PLC Based Automatic distillation & Filling System

a.      Shahzeb Ansari (09ES71)

b.      Kalash Kumar (09ES45)

c.       Ghulam Muhammad (09ES63)

d.      Sunil Kumar (09ES51)

e.      Vinod Kumar (09ES44)

f.        Subash Bhairoomal (09ES145)

The closing Ceremony of Exhibition was held in Video Conference Hall, IIT Building, where Prof. Javier Ponchela and Dr. B.S. Chowdhry appreciated the efforts made by the students and encouraged the junior batches follow this lead.  Prof. Javier Ponchela, Dr. B.S. Chowdhry along with Chair-person Electronics department Dr. Wajiha Shah distributed cash prizes among the winning teams.