PSO Internship - 14 Batch (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Software Department)

07/04/2017 - 9:22am


Attention The 14 Batch Students of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Software Engineering students.

Final list of 287 candidates from all four department is attached here-under. All the short-listed students will receive their Username and Password on the mobile number as provided by their concerned department (Contact Department HoD for the details). Students are required not to share their ID and Passwords with anyone

​Test will be conducted on 20-04-2017 @ Software Engineering Department​

 Instructions for Students:

1.      It is mandatory for the students to bring their original CNIC & university ID card to the test center.

2.      The short-listed students who have interned in PSO earlier are not eligible to sit in the test.

3.      The invigilator will ask you to initiate the test. Do not start your test until you are asked to do so.

4.      Questions once attempted/submitted cannot be revisited. Do not press the back button (on the top left) because it will automatically take you out of the test paper.

5.      Test duration is 60 minutes. All applicants are supposed to complete the test within allocated time.No Extra Time will be allocated.

6.      Use of calculators and cell phones during the test is prohibited.

7.      There is no negative marking.

8.      Using unfair means like cheating, whispering and waving specific sign to assist another applicant will lead you to on the spot disqualification. Invigilator’s decision would be treated as final in such cases.

9.      Any form of consultation with the invigilator is not allowed.

10.  No student will be allowed to leave the test hall in any case. However if the student has to leave, due to any emergency, he will not be permitted for test.

11.  PSO reserves all the rights to roll back the program or blacklist any of the centers result on non-compliance rendered at universities placement/ invigilation end. This process is not challengeable at any Court of Law or any Regulatory Authority Forum.

12.  The status/result of this test will be communicated to you via your placement office.

13.  Clearing the initial online test assessment does not deem you to be selected as an Intern at PSO.

14.  All those applicants who have cleared the Online Test and met the threshold screening criteria will be further interviewed.