Mission, Vision and Quality Policy




Vision, Mission and Quality Policy



To become world class educational and research institute and contribute effectively towards building up indigenous and technological capabilities for sustainable socio-economic development.



To equip our undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students with advance knowledge through collaborative opportunities emerged from linkages with academia, industry and government.


Quality Policy

In line with its vision and mission, the management and faculty have developed broad based Quality Management System in the University with a strong commitment to the following:


1.    Quality Brand

University aims to be recognized for its leadership position in higher education through designing interactive courses and carrying out multidisciplinary research programs and projects that are distinctive and relevant to social needs, and are of national and international quality standards.


2.    Compliance with Statutory Requirements

University ensure that every individual working for or studying in the university shall comply with the University Act, Statutes, Regulations and Rules.


3.    Stakeholders Focus

University consider every stakeholder very important and therefore endeavors to provide encouraging, flexible, empowered, cohesive and congenial working environment to assimilate, synthesize and analyze knowledge for the ultimate benefit of academia, industry, government and society.


4.    Student Focus

University considers students as its direct customers and is committed to produce highly qualified manpower related to multidisciplinary engineering and technology, policy and management and business fields. University ensures meeting students’ professional needs and expectations and appreciates their participatory role in maintaining progressive learning environment.


5.    Knowledge Creation and Dissemination

University is focused on conducting multidisciplinary research in order to create knowledge to resolve political, technological, social and environmental issues and to disseminate this knowledge through trainings, workshops, conferences and research journals to various national and international institutions.


6.    Business Startup

University is focused on facilitating startups and creating businesses based on multidisciplinary fields.


7.    Linkages and Networking

University establishes strong ties with various national and international universities, industries and government.


8.    Optimization of Resources

University is focused that the Human Capital, infrastructure and financial resources must be utilized optimally for accruing and sustaining benefits.


9.    Environment Friendly

University is committed to make our university environment safest, greenest and cleanest in the region.


10.      Continual Improvement

University is committed to provide a rewarding and challenging environment for faculty, staff and students to kindle and sustain a passion for excellence.