QEC Vision, Mission And Objectives

QEC Vision
To bring Mehran UET in achieving the status of world class renowned institution for teaching, research & development, innovation to contribute effectively in building-up the required indigenous national S&T capability and to achieve sustainable rapid socio-economic development and self reliance.


QEC Mission
To elevate Mehran UET as top class University of the world on the basis of academic, research and institutional excellence that provide prominent faculty, curricula, extra-curriculum & supporting facilities and high level learning & research environment in the light of global developments and modern age requirements.


QEC Objectives

  1. To ensure quality education at the University under the umbrella of Quality Assurance Agency of Higher Education Commission.
  2. To promote public confidence in the quality and standards of the award of degrees are of world class.
  3. To review quality standards and the quality of teaching & learning in each subject area.
  4. To ensure the accomplishment of the requirements of Accreditation Councils and Regulatory Bodies.