Corrigendum to NIT No. & Dated: DD(Proc.)/MUET/JAM/-119, 13-06-2016





Please refer NIT issued vide this office letter No. & Dated: DD(Proc.)/MUET/JAM/-104, 20-05-2016, regarding the:

  1. Construction of Security Compound Wall Zone-G, (End Corner) From (W-12800/S-6000) to from (W-12800/S-4150) to (W-11000/S-34000) upto (W-1550/N-3350) Including Watch Towers.
  1. Construction of Security Compound Wall Zone-H, From (End Point of Old Boundary Near Latif Hostel) and From (Workshop to Irrigation, Mechanical Engg. And Electrical Engg. Departments, Old PD Office to Junior Staff Colony) Including Watch Towers.
  1. Work of Katcha Surveillance Track for Vehicles by Cutting & Filling i/c Leveling Dressing and Compaction.

The dates of purchase and submission / opening of Bids shall be read as under:

1.         Date of purchase                     27-05-2016 to 28-06-2016.

2.         Date of submission                 29-06-2016 upto 11:00 A.M.

3.         Date of opening of Bids         29-06-2016 at 11:30 A.M.


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