Fresh Pre-Qualification Notice For Procurement Of Equipment

19/04/2010 - 11:00pm
S. #.
Name of Project
Approved Cost
Strengthening & Development of MUET, Part – I-i)
Rs. 471.278 (M)
upto year 2011
Strengthening & Development of MUET (Part – I-ii)
Rs. 469.080 (M)
upto year 2011
Strengthening & Development of MUET (Part – II)
Rs.1486.148 (M)
upto year 2013
Development Scheme under S.S. Funds.
Rs. 100.000 (M)
upto year 2011
Immediate Needs for Establishment of Mehran University College of Engineering and Technology, at Khairpur Mirs.
Rs. 999.195 (M)
upto year 2011

The above stated schemes will be financed out of the funds received from Government of Pakistan, Government of Sindh and Own resources for the approved schemes of the University. 

Applications from reputed Suppliers, Manufacturers, Sole Distributors and Sole agents dealing with supplying, installation, testing & commissioning of remaining Laboratory Equipment, Machinery & Plants (Air-conditioning, Diesel Generators & UPS Units), to be procured for the following fields of Engineering under the above stated schemes of Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro and Mehran University College of Engineering & Technology, Khairpur Mirs are invited.

(1) Civil Engineering (2) Electrical Engineering, (3) Mechanical Engineering. (4) Electronics Engineering (5) Telecommunication Engineering (6) Biomedical Engineering. (7) Computer System Engineering (8) Software Engineering. (9) Textile Engineering (10) Chemical Engineering. (11) Industrial Engineering. (12) Mining Engineering (13) Metallurgical & Material Engineering. (14) Institute of Environmental & Management Engineering (15) Architecture Department.(16) City & Regional Planning (17) Institute of Irrigation & Drainage Engineering.(I8) Institute of Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering.(19) Institute of Mehran University Science & Technology Development (20) Institute of Communication Technologies (21) Scientific Instrumentation Centre for Repair, Maintenance & Fabrication of Educational Equipment.

The Suppliers, Manufacturers, Sole Distributors and Sole agents, who are dealing with the above mentioned business, are requested to submit the following information along with their applications for fresh pre-qualification.

  1. Name & Address of Supplier, Manufacturers, Sole Distributors and Sole agents along with a copy of Profile.
  2. List of Major similar nature of equipment supplied, installed and commissioned during last ten (10) years.
  3. List of major similar nature of supply of Equipment in hand in same geographical conditions showing cost of equipment.
  4. List of authorization certificate issued by Manufacturers showing proof of Sole Distributors and Sole Agent.
  5. Field of specialization in supply of lab equipment.
  6. List of technical staff with qualifications and experience. 
  7. List of clearing agent dealing with the Suppliers, Manufacturers, Sole Distributors and Sole agents.
  8. Certificate of financial stability from Banks.
  9. Income Tax paid for the last 05 years along with certificate.
  10. Sales Tax Registration number.
  11. An affidavit to the effect that the Suppliers, Manufacturers, Sole Distributors and Sole agents or any of its partners have not been black listed by the any Government / Semi Government Departments.
  12. Details of litigations/arbitration cases against the Suppliers, Manufacturers, Sole Distributors and Sole agents, if any.
  13. Any other relevant information.

The Suppliers, Manufacturers, Sole Distributors and Sole agents, who are already pre-qualified, shall have to apply for fresh pre-qualification.
The applications along with the above information in sealed cover should reach in the office of undersigned on or before 25.05.2010
The procuring agency may reject all or any application as per relevant provision of Sindh Public Procurement Rules 2010.

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Email: [email protected], [email protected]