Letter for the cancellation of NIT No. & Dated: DD(Proc.)/MUET/JAM/-14, 28-01-2016


The Director (CB),

Sindh Public Procurement Regulatory Authority

(SPPRA), Services General Administration &

Coordination Department, Government of Sindh,

SUBJECT:      NIT NO. DD(Proc.)/MUET/JAM/-14, DATED: 28-01-2016, SPPRA S.R No.26304.


This is reference with the subjected NIT, the works of NIT have been canceled. This is for your kind information.                                                      


Deputy Director (Procurement),
MUET, Jamshoro

C. C. To,

1.         The Director Finance, MUET, Jamshoro.

2.         The Director (Works & Services), MUET, Jamshoro.

3.         The Project Director (M-III), MUET, Jamshoro.

4.         The Executive Engineer (Works), MUET, Jamshoro.

5.         The Additional Director, MUET, Jamshoro. (For uploading on website)

6.         Secretary to the Vice Chancellor, MUET, Jamshoro.