Re-Invite Fresh Pre-Qualification Khairpur Mirs


No. PD/MUET/KHP/-366 Dated: 27-11-2013


Applications are invited from eligible Electrical Contractors for Fresh Pre-Qualification as Electrical Contractors duly registered with Electrical Inspector, Government of Sindh and having satisfactory track record experience of completion of major Electrical works including Internal / External Electrification, Air Conditioning, L.T/H.T Cable laying High/Low Voltage Installations etc. The contractors already Pre-Qualified with MUET, Jamshoro & MUET, Shaheed Z.A Bhutto Campus Khairpur Mir’s in the Category of Electrical works are also required to apply for fresh Pre-Qualification.

The criteria as described under SPPRA Rules 2010 shall be treated as pre-requisite for eligibility. The valid Pakistan Engineering Council Registration Certificate and Tax Registration Number should be mentioned in the contractor’s application. The Pre-qualification Documents can be had from office of the undersigned from 2nd December 2013 to 16th December 2013 during the office hours on payment of Rs.8000/- by Pay Order / DD in favour of undersigned (non Refundable) as processing fees.

Interested firms should submit their quarries/applications/documents to the following:-

Address :  Project Director, Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Shaheed Z.A Bhutto Campus Khairpur Mir’s.        

Telephone No :  0243-9280314   
E-mail Address : [email protected]            

Fax No.  :  0243-9280023
Focal Person  : Safdar Ali Sahito

Preference shall be given to those contractors who would have practical experience to work with Universities / HEC Recognized Educational Institutions.

Applicants will be informed, in due course, of the result of the evaluation of applications. Only the firms or contractors prequalified under this process will be invited to bid for same category of works.

Project Director, Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Shaheed Z.A Bhutto Campus Khairpur Mir’s may accept or reject any or all applications subject to the relevant provisions of Sindh Public Procurement Rules 2010.