Tender Notices

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Bid Evaluation Report for Furniture Articles along with Other Items for Administration Building at MUET, Jamshoro 29/10/2013
Bid Evaluation Report for External Development & Car Parking for Building of Sports Complex at MUET, Jamshoro 29/10/2013
Internal / External Electrification at MUET, Khaipur Mir's 26/09/2013
Bid Evaluation Report for Procurement of Sports Material for MUET, Jamshoro 26/09/2013
Supply of furniture articles for labs and offices for the Deptt of Petroleum & Natural Gas Engg. at MUET, Khairpur Mir's 16/09/2013
External Development & Car Parking for the Building of Sport Complex and Furniture Articles 12/09/2013
Sealed tender are inviting for Various Works 30/08/2013
Conversion of Store to ISO-9000 office at Chemical Engineering Department of MUET, Jamshoro. 29/08/2013
Sealed tender are inviting for Sports Material 20/08/2013
Tenders Postponed 19/08/2013
Bid Evaluation Report for Proposal for HEC, English Language Teaching Reform 13/08/2013
Bid Evaluation Report for Procurement of Audio System for Class Rooms 13/08/2013
Internal External Electrification of EL Deptt: and Mosque at Khairpur Mir's Campus 07/08/2013
NIT of 03 Works 01/08/2013
NIT of 03 Works 25/07/2013
Supplying / Fixing/ Making Fiber Glass Car Parking Shed for 50 Cars at Newly Constructed Building of Administration Block of MUET, Jamshoro. 25/07/2013
Laptops & Projectors for Z. A. Bhutto Khairpur Mir's Campus 24/07/2013
S/F/M Fiber Glass Car Parking Shed and Window Blinder at Bachlor faculty and Post Graduate Hostel & Replacement of old Sewerage Line at Elsa Kazi Girls Hostel and Laying of Brick Tile with Thermopore sheet for Heat Insulation at Shah Abdul Latif Hostel 17/07/2013
Bid Evaluation Report for "Designing & Printing of MUET Prospectus 2013-2014 for Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programs" 16/07/2013
Supply/Installation of Audio System for class rooms 11/07/2013
Fixing 02#s Road Barriers for Colony road & road towards the CRP & P/F Fiber Glass Check Post AND Construction of C.C. Path / ramp at the back Side of Knitting Lab of Textile Engineering Department of MUET, Jamshoro. 08/07/2013
Maintenance, Repair and Civil work for Students Hostel at MUET, Khairpur Mir's Campus 03/07/2013
Construction of Approach Road and Car Parking for Sports Complex 02/07/2013
Installation and Commissioning of 200KVA Diesel Generator Set For New Administration Building MUET, Jamshoro 02/07/2013
Maintenance work of various roads at Mehran UET, Jamshoro 19/06/2013
Bid Evaluation Reports for Procurement of Computers, M. M. Projectors, Printers, Scanners & Toners 19/06/2013
Construction of Security Boundary Wall for Main Water Works of MUET,Jamshoro. AND Shifting of Old Main Water Supply Pipe Line 8” dia from K.B Feeder to Filter Plant of MUET, Jamshoro. 18/06/2013
Maintenance work of Plantation & Landscaping at MUET, Khairpur Mir's Campus 07/06/2013
List of Approved Pre-Qualified Contractors, Khairpur Mir's Campus 06/06/2013
Construction of Bathrooms at Entry Test Ground of MUET, Jamshoro. 06/06/2013