Tender Notices

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Establishment of Main Hub (for ICPC) at ICT Building of MUET, Jamshoro. 09/08/2011
Construction of Security Boundary Wall from main gate of old Hostel to the Culvert near Transport Section, MUET, Jamshoro 04/08/2011
Bid evaluation report for tender hosted SPPRA website on 15.03.2011 (SPPRA ID# 3483/2011) 31/07/2011
Notice Inviting Tender "Providing/ Supplying Blinds & Wooden Jaffery Type Partition Wall at Main Gate of C.L 27/07/2011
Notice Inviting Tender Supply of Bal. Requirements of Fur. Articles for the Labs of Software Engineering Department 20/07/2011
Diesel Engine Generators & UPS 19/07/2011
NIT for Sports Material from Directorate of Sports 12/07/2011
Bid evaluation report for tender hosted SPPRA website on 07.05.2011 (SPPRA ID# 4127/2011) 01/07/2011
Tender Inviting Tender "Supply of Furniture Articles for the Labs, Faculaty Staff & Admn, for the deptt. of Civil Engg. 28/06/2011
Bid evaluation report for tender hosted SPPRA website on 18.05.2011 at Sr#8713 25/06/2011
Maintenance work of civil, plumbing & Electrical for MUCET, Khairpur Mir's 22/06/2011
Notification of Prequalified Contractors/Firms of MUET & MUCET 18/06/2011
Designing & Printing of MUET Prospectus 2011-12 17/06/2011
Construction of Civil Engineering Department MUCET, Khairpur Mir's 07/06/2011
List of Pre-Qualified Contractors/firms for MUCET, Khairpur, Mirs 07/06/2011
General Repair & Maintenance of 07 Air conditioning Plants of Auditorium Building of MUET, Jamshoro 01/06/2011
Essential Repairing & Maintenance Work of Central Cafeteria, Repair & Maintenance for Office of Director Post Graduate Studies, Supplying / Repairing Furniture for Office of Director Post Graduate Studies of MUET, Jamshoro. 25/05/2011
Tender for purchase of PCs, Printers, Scanners, Multimedia Projectors & UPS 18/05/2011
Outsourcing MUET Security Services 13/05/2011
Outsourcing of MUET Transport Services & Maintenance 13/05/2011
Essential Repair & Maintenance at Institute of Information Technoloy (I.TBuilding) of MUET, Jamshoro 12/05/2011
Essential Repairing & Maintenance work of Classrooms & Lavatory Blocks of New& Old Campus of MUET, 04/05/2011
Making the Car Parking Shade for ten (10) Cars infront of Software Engineering Department of MUET, Jamshoro. 19/04/2011
Repair / Replacement of total Gutter Lines of Elsa Kazi Girls Hostel of MUET, Jamshoro. 19/04/2011
Shifting of Generator from Visiting Faculty Hostel to Mehran University Institute of Science & Technology Development (MUISTD) of MUET, Jamshoro.. 15/04/2011
Establishment of small Store / room & Replacement of Drainage line. 29/03/2011
Pre-Qualification Notice 18/03/2011
Cleaning of Water Tanks, Cleaning of Debris from the top of the roof, Cleaning of Water Spout and opening of out lets of Culverts etc prior to the Moonsoon season of every year. 14/03/2011
Underground Cabling for 50 Computers in the Computing Laboratory of Computer System Engineering Departmen & Polymer Engineering Laboratory at Chemical Engineering Department of MUET, Jamshoro. 12/03/2011