Teaching System

Courses for all the Engineering degrees and B.CRP are of four-year duration; while the remaining of B.Arch. is of five-year duration. Each year is divided into two six-monthly Terms in which five or six subjects are taught and the examinations are held after completion of teaching. The duration of a Term is further specified as under:


16 weeks

Examination preparation

02 Weeks


04 Weeks


22 Weeks

This arrangement of teaching is named as Term System. In addition to specific subjects related to a given field of study, some general subjects are also taught to the students in different terms. Some of these subjects are; English, Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies/Ethics, etc. Many courses of Applied Mathematics and Statistics are also included in the syllabus, which form the basis for many branches of engineering and architecture. Workshop Practice is also taught to students of many disciplines of engineering; since it is considered to be a basic requirement for the engineering education. Similarly, engineering drawing in various forms is taught to the students of Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Electronics and other branches as per their requirements. In the final year, the students are also required to complete a project of significant duration and work load; which may be original research, design/development of a product or a literature survey on an specific topic.

After satisfactory completion of the courses in all respects including sessional and laboratory work and passing of all the examinations held by the University from time to time, the bachelor’s degree is awarded. The field of study is also specified in the certificate. Examinations are conducted after each Term (every six months).