Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering mainly concerns with design, manufacture, operation, management and maintenance of an industrial plant or a laboratory involving chemical and biochemical processes. It is a multi-disciplinary field having significant level of mechanical, electrical, electronic and instrumentation components in addition to  process equipment. A chemical engineer has also to deal with bio-chemical, environmental and materials problems. The Bachelor’s degree course has been designed accordingly to train the students in all these fields including the basic subjects such as English and Chemistry and more specialized subjects of chemical engineering. Well-equipped and relevant laboratories have also been established in the Department for the practical training of the students. In addition, industrial tours to chemical and biochemical industries are organized for the students in order to expose them to real plants working conditions.

Many graduates of the chemical engineering department are now serving in important public as well as private sector organizations within Pakistan and even outside the country.

The Chemical Engineering Department also offers a postgraduate course leading either to a Diploma or Master of Engineering (M.E.) degree; the later also includes a dissertation based on research or some other kind of study of a problem or task of practical nature. The department has also manpower and laboratory facilities to undertake research leading to M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees.

The department also has an International collaboration program to enhance the standard of higher education. Currently, department runs a BC-HEC linkage program with Brunel University U.K for 3-years. Under this program various activities are being carried out that includes the faculty visit to an from Brunel University, conferences, seminars, workshops & training courses and research on “Waste Management”. The department organizes the professional development training program (MMS-in 2006) and conference on important advances in chemical engineering (1st National Workshop on Food Processing in April 2007). We also have the sustainable development research cell working in the department, which carry out National & International research programs on Water Energy and other natural resources.