Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is a discipline that relates to numerous areas of technology. In broad terms, chemical engineers are responsible for the conception and design of processes for the purpose of production, transformation, and transport of biochemicals, chemicals, energy, and materials.
More recently, chemical engineers are increasingly involved in the design of new products that are enabled by emerging process technologies. These activities begin with experimentation in the laboratory and are followed by implementation of the technology to full-scale production. The mission of the Chemical Engineering department at Mehran UET is to provide professional training, development, and education for the next generation of leaders in chemical sciences and engineering.
The Chemical Engineering Department also offers a postgraduate course leading either to a Diploma or Master of Engineering (M.E.) degree; the later also includes a dissertation based on research or some other kind of study of a problem or task of practical nature. The department has also manpower and laboratory facilities to undertake research leading to M.Phil. and PhD degrees.
To carry out these activities, the chemical engineer requires a complete and quantitative understanding of both the scientific and engineering principles underlying these technological processes. This is reflected in the curriculum of the chemical engineering department, which includes the study of applied mathematics, material and energy balances, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, energy and mass transfer, process design and simulation, chemical reaction kinetics and reactor design, biochemical engineering and process design. Courses are built on a foundation in the sciences of chemistry, physics, and biology.


To provide excellent education in the field of Chemical Engineering as per International Standards, and develop Research Based Solutions to Process Industry, for National Development.


To produce Quality Professional Chemical Engineers with Problem Solving Expertise, Integrity and Strive to enhance their Skills and Ideas related to Chemical industry.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The four programme educational objectives (PEOs) have been formulated in consultation with the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) and other stakeholders. Within 3-5 years of graduation, the students with bachelors of engineering in Chemical engineering are expected to accomplish the following:

  • PEO1.            Demonstrate proficiency of applying the acquired knowledge & skills to solve engineering problem related to the chemical industry.
  • PEO2.            Consider economic and environmental impacts of chemical engineering projects and contribute to the society through their problem solving attitude
  • PEO3.            Exhibit effective communication, teamwork, leadership skills
  • PEO4.            Pursue professional growth through moral and continuous learning attitude.