Chairman's Message

Technological innovation in the field of electronics engineering is accelerating at an enormous pace. The modern industry is now the center of a technologically sophisticated system; and this requires technologically articulate staff. Engineering professionals have become intimately involved in many aspects of semiconductor industry, and the discipline of "Electronic engineering" has become vital in disciplines of medicine, defense, aviation, aerospace, artificial intelligence, satellite communication and all types of communication.


The department of Electronic Engineering intends to impart knowledge, hands-on technical skills and provide such an atmosphere of learning that our graduates can meritoriously compete and contribute at national and international level.


I believe that with good teamwork structures comes a diversity of thought, creativity, perspectives, opportunities, and the most efficient and effective problem-solving approaches. My aim is to develop an environment conducive for the students and faculty to work together as a team to achieve excellence and serve the nation, industry and humanity with utmost passion, unparalleled technical skills and towering moral values.


I would like to express immense gratitude to all the faculty members in general and senior faculty members and experts in particular for their valuable suggestions and efforts in developing curriculum, strengthening laboratories and research in cutting-edge areas to make this program successful.


Dr. Tayab Din Memon