Chairman's Message

Welcome to the Department of Electronic Engineering, Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Pakistan.

I am honored to serve this department as chairperson. The department of Electronic Engineering was established in 1972. This department is one of the best departments of Pakistan’s Engineering Universities and has already produced more than 2500 Graduates and this number is ever increasing.

I, together with my faculty members are aware of and committed to, our responsibilities and duties to do whatever is in the best interest of the Department. I am honored to lead the department during these challenging times and excited to see where we go next. With the support of all faculty members, there is nothing we can’t achieve as we strive to serve our students, our global community, and our beloved country, Pakistan.

Electronic engineering is a form of engineering associated with electronic circuits, devices, and the equipment and systems that use them. Electronic engineering is all about creativity. The whole area of engineering is about designing, making, running, and servicing things that people need.

Electronic Engineering is a versatile and broad field of engineering, whose graduates are capable to get job opportunities in a broad spectrum of areas covering computers, networking, management, mobile communications, and many more. Therefore, this department is an intelligent choice to make. It is also possible to move from one area to another, and this guarantees most people a rewarding career for life. 

We also are excited about the future for our faculty, an extraordinary collection of teachers and innovators, as we encourage their creativity to impact and serve our world. As an institution of higher education, the Department of Electronic Engineering is committed to the discovery and transmission of knowledge. We inspire, motivate, and empower students from all around the world to become excellent, skilled, and specialized professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders for the public and private sectors. We encourage active participation in an education that challenges critical thinking, provides career preparation, and inspires lifelong learning.

We believe that the opportunity for higher education should be available to all who seek it, and we will continue to meet the ongoing challenges that higher education presents in the years ahead. Students who are seeking a quality education with a worldview can certainly find a home at this department.
Students can look forward to stimulating, productive, and rewarding learning experiences that will equip them for lifelong learning and responsibility as global citizens.

As you begin the next step of your life journey, you will find that our entire University is here to support your academic, social, and personal growth.
We wish our students a fulfilling journey ahead in their academic endeavors.

I invite you to join us and explore the richness of the electronics engineering field.


Prof. Dr. Arbab Nighat Kalhoro
Department of Electronic Engineering