Vision of Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanical Engineering Department intends to become a hub of high quality engineering education and research to
produce skilled, innovative, entrepreneurial mechanical engineers who meet the ever-changing engineering demands.

Mission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering department is to produce engineers and researchers with sound knowledge of traditional,
emerging areas of engineering together with innovative design abilities to achieves sustainable national development.
Develop the skill of the students to make them globally competitive engineers and researchers by providing quality
education and research facilities.



The Mechanical Engineering Graduate:

PEO 1: Will be employable Mechanical Engineers with ability to identify and address the technical and socialistic problems.

PEO 2: Will have enhanced intellectual and analytical abilities in taking initiative to develop innovative ideas for technical and professional growth.

PEO 3: Will have professional competence and integrity with demonstrable communication and leadership skills.



The Mechatronic Engineering Program:

PEO 1: Will strive to produce employable Mechatronic Engineers with ability to solve scientific and technological problems.

PEO 2: Will develop the attributes of intellect and analytical abilities.

PEO 3: Will instill the integrity with demonstrable communication and leadership skills.