Master of Engineering (M.E.)


Procedure of admission for the degree of Master of Engineering (M.E)

Minimum requirements  for the degree:
The academic  program is conducted in morning and  evening . The full time  morning  program for course  work is of two  terms  (one  year) plus a  minimum  of one  term  (six months)  of research.  The  evening  program consists of three  terms   (1-1/2year)  for course  work plus minimum  of one  term  (Six months)  for research. Each subject  has been  assigned a number  of credit  hours,  which  are a relative measures  of the work load  on  the  student  per  subject.  The minimum requirements for the  degree  of Master of Engineering in any field are course work of 30 credit hours and a thesis. Not more than 16 credit hours  shall be  taken  up  in one  Term.

Duration of Studies and Research: 
The minimum  period  for completing  the  course  work shall be two terms (one academic  year) for a full time morning and three terms (1-1/2 Academic years) for a evening student. After successful completion of the course work and meeting the requirements the  student  will select his/her thesis topic  in consultation  with his/her advisor and  submit the  Research Proposal for Master of Engineering in prescribed  Performa for the approval  of Advanced  Studies & Research  Board.  The minimum  period  for completing  all the  requirements of the  degree  of Master of Engineering shall be three  terms (1-1/2 academic  year) for full time morning and  four terms  (2-1/2  Academic  years) for a  evening  student.

Transfer of Credits:
Transfer of credits earned in other Institutions may be approved  in individual case  upto a maximum determined by the faculty.

Each student  is required  to register him/her self at the  University in the  course  work and  the  research  separately  in the  field in which  he/she  takes courses,  does  research,  and  receives degree.  Tuition  and  other  fees  must  be  paid  at  the  time  of registration.

The classes for M.E. course will commence when a substantial number  of the candidates are  enrolled.  The  maximum  number  of enrolments,  in each  field is limited  to  20  (twenty). A student  is expected  to attend  the classes regularly and is responsible for all assigned work whether present or absent. In case of absence from examination,  his/her grade shall be zero in that examination, unless the  Advisor concerned is satisfied with the  reason  for his/her absence  and  is willing to give a make  up  examination.

Entrance Requirements:
To be eligible for admission to the Master's degree or Diploma Program a student  must possess First Class Bachelor's degree  in an appropriate field of study. He/She is further required  to be  proficient  in the  use of English language,  and  be  physically and  mentally fit for the  study.  The candidates  will have  to  appear  & qualify the  pre-admission  test.

Procedure for Admissions:  
The applicant  must submit the  application  form duly completed  in all respects, along with the relevant documents by the last date fixed for this purpose.  The student may be  registered  for a full time morning  /evening  program. A full time morning  student, if employed,  will have  to obtain  study leave  from his/her employer  before  registration.  A full time evening  student  if employed  will submit  a No  Objection  Certificate (NOC)  from