Chinese Languages Courses

New Admission Open For Batch 5  (2019-20)

 HSK level 1,2, 3, 4A, 4B,


Chinese Culture Classes

Executive Classes (Sat & Sundays)


 Chinese Language Course (New Admission) FORM OC-1


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Fess Structure For Chinese Courses 2019-20  


Chinese Exam Timeable and Fee 2019




Exam Dates for all levels(HSK) in 2019


Introducing Chinese Cultural Classes in August 2019

Cultural Actvities Includes

1) Chinese Tea Pot serving 

2) Chinese Caligraphy (Writing art)

3) Abacus (Chinese Calculation Way)

4) TaiChi (Chinese Fighting Techniques)

5) Chopsticks (Eating with Chinese Sticks)

6) Paper Cutting Art

7) Dumplings (Traditional Food Making)

8) Chinese Mask (Details)

9) Chinese greeting Ways

10) Chinese Board Games

11) Basic communication words and numbers

Total Duration 2 Months, 1 hour/days class,  2 days/week class, Course Cost Rs- 4000/- PKR