This programme is primarily aimed at students who wish to pursue their careers in the corporate sector. The MBA program will help students in enriching their knowledge and skills required for their business career. The programme shall aim to provide students with knowledge of theoretical concepts, analytical tools and decision making strategies from successful case studies around the world.

The programme focuses on the interactions of scientific developments and their utilities in the form of products, processes and services.

The programme will help in learning from case studies of successful businesses including SMEs and in designing tools, techniques and solutions fit for the local contexts. The following MBA Programs shall be offered to students with the business oriented and non-business oriented background:

1.      MBA in Finance

2.      MBA in Marketing

3.      MBA in Human Resource Management

4.      MBA in Operations Management

5.      MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship


The students with non-business background (16 years University education) will first learn basic courses required to understand MBA. These courses are given in the following table titled: MBA for students with non-business background. The students with business background (16 years University education) will directly start courses given in table titled: MBA for students with business background. Details of elective courses are then discussed in their respective tables.