Five-Day Workshop on Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment

25/11/2015 - 2:23pm

Water is fundamental for the existence of life. Today, both availability and quality of water are serious global issues. Drinking water sources, both surface and groundwater, are contaminated with viral pollution, coliforms, toxic metals and pesticides in most parts of the country. Water contamination is a matter of concern for all, and especially for the people in developing countries like Pakistan.

Drinking water sources are poorly managed and monitored all over the country. Various drinking water quality parameters set by WHO are frequently violated. Different studies conducted in the past by independent researchers, government and non-government organizations have all come to the same conclusion regarding the poor quality of drinking water throughout Pakistan. So, it is important to independently assess drinking water sources before use.

Hence, realizing the need of time, the U.S.- Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Water at MUET Jamshoro with the support from collaborating institute i.e., University of Utah and funding from USAID has organized the workshop on water quality, which aims to train water & wastewater treatment professionals, chemists, students, faculty members & health professionals.

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Prof. Dr. Rasool Bux Mahar
Sectional Head (Environmental Engineering)
USPCAS-W, MUET, Jamshoro
Email: [email protected]

Awais Anwar Chandio
Assistant Professor (Environmental Engineering)
USPCAS-W, MUET, Jamshoro
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0311 4077 233 & 0333 1611 800