A Free Online Seminar on “Research Paper Writing” organized by Department of Electronics Engineering

10/07/2020 - 12:06am

A free online seminar on “Research Paper Writing” was organized by the Department of Electronics Final Year Project Committee on 2nd July 2020. The presenters for the seminar were Dr. Attiya Baqai (Convener ES-FYPC) & Engr. Khuhed Memon (Member ES-FYPC) and the coordinator was Engr. Mansoor Teevno (Secretary ES-FYPC).

A large number of students from the final year (F16ES) attended the seminar with keen interest. Engr. Mansoor Teevno started the session while Dr. Attiya Baqai briefed about the need of the online seminars during this prevalent situation and the committee’s will to facilitate students. Prior to organizing this seminar she conducted a survey to know the willingness of the students to attend such seminars in their free slots that came out to be more than 90% and that became evident with the attendance in the seminar too. She thanked Engr. Mansoor for the arrangements and support; she also thanked Engr Khuhed Memon who voluntarily stepped forward to conduct the first online seminar along with her by taking up a section for him. She further thanked the Chairperson Department of Electronics Prof. Dr. Arbab Nighat for approving her initiative and all the FYPC members Prof. Dr Wajiha Shah, Dr. Farzana Rauf Abro, Dr. Farida Memon and Dr. Shoaib Rehman Soomro for supporting her and giving their consent to conduct their respective allocated seminars online in near future.

The seminar was divided into three sections.

Part-1 was delivered by Dr. Attiya Baqai in which she gave introduction to Research paper, its various types, and ways to check about the authenticity of a journal, research journal and paper quality metrics, submission possibilities for students where they can submit their research work and the timeline along with different phases from submitting an article to publishing.

The second Part was for “Research Article Writing “delivered by Engr. Khuhed Memon whereas the 3rd Part was on “Writing a Review Paper” delivered by Dr. Attiya Baqai. The sub-sessions continued for two hours whereas the seminar concluded with half an hour Question and Answer session. At the end of the seminar a feedback form about the seminar was also asked to be filled by the students whose statistics demonstrate the success and effectiveness of the seminar. This feedback also demonstrates the students’ and organizers’ dedication towards learning and educating in this pandemic situation as well. The seminar ended with vote of thanks to all the attendees.