08/11/2019 - 1:39am

5th All Pakistan DUHS-DICE Health Innovation Exhibition was held on 16th - 17th October, 2019, at Expo Centre Karachi, Organized by Dow University of Health Sciences. This exhibition provided a platform for young entrepreneurs and engineers to showcase their health related innovative ideas and provided a way for academia and industry to share knowledge and further collaborate with each other for the rapid development of health innovative products, necessary for the economic development of the country.

Around 340+ projects were selected for exhibition from 40 universities. Among these multiple projects were awarded on basis of innovation, idea novelty and presentation of idea. Twenty 10,000/ Rs, twenty 13,000/ Rs, and four 40,000/ Rs cash prizes were given to selected innovative ideas. In addition to these; top three projects among 340+ were awarded 1 Lac Rs, 60,000/ Rs and 40,000/ Rs respectively for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize. Moreover 20 projects, having business potential, from whole exhibition were selected for DUHS-DICE SHARK session in which they were asked to pitch their business plan and different companies then funded their business plans in order to bring these ideas to commercialization.

A team from Department of Electronics Engineering & Bio Medical Engineering, of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro along with Dr. Attiya Baqai participated in this two-day event of DUHS - DICE Health Innovation Exhibition 2019.  The selected three project details from Mehran University are as follows.

  • Ash Braille (Private) Limited (startup, SSBC-Cohort-2-IEC)
    Electronic Engineering Department.
    Supervisor: Dr. Attiya Baqai, Team Members: Muhammad Ahmed Malik, Hassan Ahmed Shaikh, Sidra Memon
  • Digital Range of Motion (ROM) Measurement System (NGIRI-2019 IGNITE FYP funded)
    Electronic Engineering Department.
    Supervisor: Dr. Attiya Baqai, Team Members: Anzalna Narejo, Neha Sikandar
  • Smart Cane for Blind (Startup, RINU-Cohort-2-IEC)
    Bio Medical Engineering Department.
    Supervisor: Dr. Syed Amjad Ali Shah, Team Members: Zuha Aslam, Khushboo Danish

All three projects gained attention at the exhibition and the visitors highly appreciated the efforts of the Mehran University students. Among these projects “Smart Blind Stick”, was awarded a cash prize of Rs 10,000.



 The project “Digital ROM Measurement System”, under supervision of Dr. Attiya Baqai, was further selected for DICE SHARK session. In this pitching session they were awarded a funding of 2 Lacs by Novartis (Pharmaceutical Company). The MoU will be signed between Mehran University and DOW rehabilitation center for the collaboration and technical assistance to realize the prototype into commercial product. The team has developed a wearable sleeve to measure Range of Motion of the arm and elbow joint for the physiotherapy application. They have also built different interfaces like desktop app, mobile app and VR app for 3D visualization of the joint movement. The progress of the patient can be monitored and exported to the doctor through these interfaces.

* All the abstracts of the projects exhibited in DUHS-DICE Health Innovation Exhibition are available in Android App format at