Seminar on "OBE Based FYP Evaluation and Initial Seminar Presentation Drafting" by Department of Electronic Engineering

23/12/2020 - 9:24pm

The FYP Committee of Department of Electronic Engineering organized an online Seminar on “OBE Based FYP awareness and Initial Seminar Presentation Drafting” on December 10th, 2020 for 17ES Batch. The resource person of this Seminar was Dr. Shoaib Soomro and was coordinated by Dr. Attiya Baqai (Convener ES-FYPC). The Seminar was setup in parallel online via MS Teams and in the Computing Laboratory of Electronics Department which was physically joined by the faculty members of the department.


Dr. Attiya Baqai formally commenced the Seminar by welcoming the students, faculty members and the Chairperson Prof. Dr. Arbab Nighat for her support and facilitation. She then handed over the mic to Dr. Shoaib Soomro who then started with the subject on the online platform of MS Teams. Dr. Soomro began with spotlighting the Importance of OBE based system applied in the courses. He explained the basic terminologies and domains of the OBE based system to the students before moving to the Course Learning Outcomes of Final Year Project. He then elucidated the marking criteria set by the department of Electronic Engineering and evaluation through OBE system of Final Year Project thoroughly including the linkages of CLOs to Program Learning Outcomes in both the semesters of Final year. Dr. Soomro concluded his session after elaborating to the students a complete guideline to draft their Initial Presentations for the FYP Initial Seminars.


Dr. Attiya Baqai also shared a presentation template for the Initial Seminars where she particularly highlighted the importance of Literature Review and References in presenting an idea. The house was opened for Question and Answer session from the students to the faculty. The Final Year Students showed a keen participation in the Seminar. The seminar was concluded by thanking the students, the Resource person Dr. Shoaib Soomro and the faculty members for joining the session. Student’s feedback was also taken in the end through online feedback forms.