Basic Sciences & Related Studies

Chairman's Message

This department teaches various fundamental and compulsory courses including Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Pakistan Studies and Islamic Studies/Ethics. Students are also assisted to understand theoretical work of Mathematics with the help of programming languages such as C++ and MATLAB in well-equipped computer laboratory of the department. The courses of Mathematics and Computer Sciences are also taught to the Postgraduate students of the University by the faculty of Basic Sciences and Related Studies. In this way, this department is helping students to equip with necessary mathematical expertise to deal with problems being occured in current technological era. The department also participates in offering short courses on various aspects of computer oriented courses. The department currently comprises of 22 teachers of Mathematics, 03 teachers of Islamic Studies/Ethics, 03 teachers of Pakistan Studies, 03 Research Assistants and 08 non-academic staff.  

The extensive research work is also being carried out by qualified faculty members of this department. One PhD student has been produced in the field of Finite Element Simulation (2004) and also one Ph.D project has been approved by HEC under National Research Program entitled “Finite Element Modeling of Blood Flow” and a Post-graduate research student is registered for leading to Ph.D degree. This department was awarded Research productivity by Pakistan Council for Science & Technology in the year 2003-2004 on the basis of research conducted during the year 2002.

The department has also commenced a 2-year M.Phil and 4-year PhD program in Applied and Computational Mathematics from the year 2014. This will help the students of Mathematics, Statistics, Physics and Engineering to further improve their qualifications and knowledge in Applied Mathematics and relevant fields. Presently, three batches of M.Phil in Applied Mathematics are running which comprise of about 25 students.  


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Anwar Solangi


Department of Basic Sciences and Related Studies