Electrical Engineering


Electrical engineering is a branch of engineering concerned with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. It also deals with the large-scale electrical systems such as power generation transmission, controlled distribution and utilization.

The department of electrical engineering is one of the oldest and prestigious departments of the university supported and equipped with highly qualified faculty and modern laboratories.

Orgnizational chart of Department of Electrical Engineering that shows top to bottom level adminstration and staff.




The department has 25 full-time faculty members. Several faculty members have won prestigious awards for their teaching and research work.

Our undergraduate and postgraduate students are drawn from across the country and abroad. Degrees are conferred to the undergraduate students on successful completion of four year degree program. Postgraduate students receive M.E degree after successful completion of 18-month Postgraduate Diploma program and minimum of six months research work.  Currently 500 undergraduate, 150 postgraduate and 05 Ph.D students are enrolled in the department.

The undergraduate program emphasizes teaching electrical engineering fundamentals and applications as well as advanced engineering studies, enabling young graduates to work in industry or pursue higher education with great confidence. Our graduate engineers are given top priority in the public and private sectors.