40 Glorious Years of Electronics Dept: A memorable reunion

26/11/2012 - 1:25am

The Electronic Engineering department of MUET celebrated fourth decade of its existence and glorious success.

The department of Electronic Engineering was established in 1972, and has produced more than 1800 Graduates till today who are working in nation building task. First time a reunion event of Alumni of Electronic Engineering MUET was held   in which great number of former graduates participated from abroad and within country.  Prof BS Chowdhry, Dean Faculty of Electrical, Electronics and Computer engineering in his welcome address said that  Alumni associations play a great role in the improvement of higher education worldwide. Every alumni association is the main source of contributions to their Alma mater. This type of events helps us keep in touch with very ambitious and diligent graduates of the university. Prof Dr AQK Rajput Vice Chancellor MUET informed that  the main purpose of every alumni association is to support connection with the educational establishment and with fellow students and provide them career guidance through seminars, interactions and by sharing their experiences. He further said that he is very pleased to mention that a number of technical seminars and poster competition is arranged on this occasion. A number of awards such as “Jewel in Crown”, “High Achiever”, “Star Laureate” and “Roll of Honours”  were given to former graduates.




Jewel in Crown Awards were given to:

1.       Dr BS Chowdhry 77ES

2.       Dr MA Unar    81ES

3.       Dr Aftab A Memon 83ES

4.       Dr Hammadullah Qazi  91ES

High Achiever Awards were given to:

1.       Engr Deepchand Kachoria 72ES

2.       Dr Riazuddin Abro  79ES

3.       Engr Khalid Ranjhani  88Es

4.       Engr Ayaz Solangi   91Es

5.       Dr Faheem Aziz Umrani 2KES

Star Laureate Awards were given to:

1.       Dr Ghous Bux Narejo 85ES

2.       Dr Abdul Fateh Chandio 89ES

3.       Dr Wajeeha Shah 89Es

4.       Engr. Zulfiqar Junejo   89ES

5.       Engr. Naeem Abbas Khawaja

6.       Engr. Junaid Shaikh   05ES

Roll of Honors Awards were given to:

1.       Engr Tufail A Shaikh   87ES

2.       Engr Shabana Chana 88ES

3.       Engr. Fayaz Abbasi 93ES

4.       Atiya Baqai 99ES

5.       Abdul Menon 02ES

On this occasion various  graduates said that they feel obliged and honored  by coming to the Alma mater and talk about their successes and receive honors and awards. A tree plantation in front of Electronics department was also done on this occasion. Cash rewards were given to students who won top three positions in the Poster competition.

In the end Dr Aftab A Memon congratulated all Alumni members who received their awards and thanked the sponsors. He further said this type of events provide information about new trends and respective fields within and outside country and foster a long term association with students and the institute.