Announcement of Mevlana Exchange Program for GTU University Turkey and Munzur University Turkey

14/03/2019 - 10:40am

Dear Students and Faculty Members:

There is good news for you. Turkish Higher Education has extended Mevlana Program for MUET and two new universities are added: Munzur University and GTU University.

You are directed to apply through departmental chairpersons and deans in Mevlana Exchange Program. Applicant should fill application forms signed by their chairpersons (for students and faculty) and deans (faculty members only) and Manager IEC (for both faculty and students) and provide scan copy of required documents to their chairpersons.

For students:

  • Candidate Student Application Form, Student Application form, Transcript/Marksheet showing latest CGPA, English Proficiency Certificate, semester Identification form in a single merged File. The name of file should be Student Identity number of student.
    • While Undertaking in a separate PDF file. Softcopies and hard copies should be submitted to their departmental chairpersons.
    • Students also email to [email protected] and submit photocopy of documents at IEC also.
    • Only names of those students will be considered whose applications will be also forwarded by their chairpersons else it would be discarded.

For Faculty Members:

  • Academic Staff Application form, Academic Staff Information form, and CV in a single PDF file.
    • While Undertaking and forwarding through their dean/superior boss in another PDF file and submit hard copies and softcopies to their departmental chairpersons.
    • Only names of those faculty will be considered whose applications will be also forwarded by their chairpersons and respective deans

Download Application forms, Seat Distributions, Undertaking proforma etc.

Last date to apply is 15-March-2019 till 10:00AM