Chemical Engineering Inter Batch Cricket Tournament

02/05/2014 - 1:32pm

Cricket has become increasingly fast-paced, competitive and remained the most favorable game in youngsters, the passion has enhanced as twenty twenty cricket started especially IPL,BPL & PPL has dramatically inclined the graph of cricket as it would have been a national game.

Chemical Engineering Department took an initiative to arrange a cricket inter batch tournament in collaboration with directorate of sports by permission of worthy vice chancellor Mehran University Prof.Dr Muhammad Aslam Uqaili at main ground near main entrance gate of MUET,jamshoro.

Chairman Chemical Engineering Prof .Dr Syed Farman Ali Shah has inaugurated the event on 18th  April at 09:00 am .Dr Abdul Rehman and Engr.Sikander Mustafa Almani were nominated by deparment to manage this event by umpiring the matches.

The game stuff provided by Directorate of Sports was bats, balls ,wickets, Winner Team (Trophy), Runner up Team (Trophy), Man of the Match(Shield),Best Batsman(Shield),Best Bowler(Shield),Man of Tournament(Shield) and 50 juices.

The matches scheduled on18th April with over limit 05 were:

  1. 11 batch vs 12 batch 
  2. 13 batch vs 14 batch

1st Match­(11 batch vs 12 batch)

Dr Abdul Rehman Memon flip the coin in presence of 11 captain (Awais Kalwar) and 12 captain (Aizaz shah), the toss was won by 12 batch and they elected to bat first.
Fielding was set by 11 batch ,Openers from 12 batch were Syed Aizaz Shah and Tariq Kaimkhani they scored nicely as the score reached 18, 1st wicket fall of Syed Aizaz ,then next batsman Mushtaque Shah came he also scored 22 runs at the end of fifth over the score was 61 runs ,the target for 11 batch was 62 runs.the openers from 11 batch done well specialy Raza hussain  and captain Awais kalwar, he was not out with 28 runs,the batsman on other side were getting out when the game reached in last over they were needing 18 runs, they tried a lot but coud’nt succeeded the loose by 7 runs, the winner was 12 batch.

2nd  Match­(13 batch vs 14 batch)

Engr.Sikander Mustafa Almani tossed 13 captain (Aizaz Qureshi) and 14 captain (Sadakat Ali) were at pitch, the toss was won by 13 batch and they elected to bat first.
Fielding was set by 14 batch ,Openers from 13 batch were Ahmed Nawaz Palari and Aizaz Qureshi they scored speedy by hitting sixes ,audience were enjoying to see Palari hitting huge sixes as the score reached 42, 1st wicket fall of Aizaz Qureshi he scored 16 runs ,then next batsman Nasir Raza Shah arrived, he also scored 20 runs at the end of match score was 69 runs ,the target for 14 batch was 70 runs. The openers from 14 batch done well specially their captain Sadakat Ali, he was not out with 36 runs, the batsman with him Adnan Ali also scored well but unfortunately he was caught by a fielder at boundary then other batsmen also got out by different bowlers of 13 batch ,in last 03 bowl 14 batch was in need of 06 runs ,batsman missed a ball ,next ball went for 02 runs and on last ball Mr Adnan hited for six but due to insufficient line and length it was cought at boundary.,the winner was 13 batch.

The match scheduled on21th April with over limit 06 was between 12 & 13 batches.

Final Match(12 batch vs 13 batch)

The toss was carried out by Engr.Sikander Mustafa Almani in presence of both teams.12 batch won the toss and they preferred batting first, the came with same team same openers Syed Aizaz Shah and Tariq Kaimkhani,this time Aizaz shah played like as it was piece of cake  for him he continuously beated 13 bowlers every over has 4 to 5 sixes as both batsman didn’t had mercy on 13 team ,Aizaz shah scored 76 runs, target given was126 runs that seemed as high as mountain for 13 batch.

The opener from 13 batch seemed to be in tension as they came in the very first over 2 wickets were fallen with that of their supreme player Aizaz Qureshi. 13 batch only managed to score 47 runs, 12 batch had declared as winners of inter batch tournament winners. Hand shake was done and they celebrated at department.



Started with the name of almighty ALLAH, Recitation of few verses from holy Quran by hafiz Ahmed.

Faculty members and Students were welcome by Engr.Sikander Mustafa flashbacks of cricket event were shared with hall.

Prof.Dr Syed farman Ali Shah gave encouraging comments along with the hope of light that is to be brighten in future INSHALLAH.Dr Shah had encouraged students to play vital role in department development, sir shared the experience of a student ,who participated in boxing event sir said we need this type of hard working students who play dynamic role in academic as well as extracurricular activities.

Dr.Abdul Rehman Organizer inter batch cricket tournament distributed shields for man of the match,best batsman,best bowler and man of tournament .

The shield for best batsman was given to Ahmed Nawaz Palari for scoring tremendously in match with 14 batch.The shield for best bowler was given to Ahsan Shaikh for taking 04 main wickets in final match with 13 batch.The shield for man of the match was given to Syed Aizaz Shah for the remarkable 76 runs in final match.The shield for man of the tournament was given to Ahsan Kaimkhani for overall performance in both matches. His shield was received by his class fellow.

Concluding comments by Prof.Dr Syed Farman Ali Shah ,Dr Abdul Rehman and Engr.Sikander Mustafa Almani were given.


Chemical Engineering Department want to thank Prof.Dr M Aslam Uqaili (Vice Chancellor) for his countless help. Mr Najeeb Channa (Director Sports) to provide material and suggestion which was needed time by time.