The first Micromaze’11 signpost at the Department of Electronics Engineering, Mehran UET Jamshoro held on 21ST April 2011 (in collaboration with 08ES, 09ES and MUST organizers) was another eye-catching and startling event that encompassed both the hardware projects exhibition/competition amongst the students of 08ES and 09ES Batches and On-spot Software Programming competition within the students of final year Electronics. This Event provided a platform for the students to come forward and present their hardware projects that had an incredible approach and also prove their robustness in the field of programming i.e. with microcontrollers and interfacing techniques by overcoming all possible hurdles to reach the assigned target in a pre-defined limit of time.

The event was arranged in four labs of Electronics department. Hardware Projects were presented in Digital Electronics & Microprocessors Lab and Telematics Lab where as On-Spot Programming & Simulation session was arranged in Advanced Computer Lab and Interactive Cyber Lab.

The students displayed & demonstrated their projects in the 1st session of the competition and were appreciated and valued by everyone who visited the event. During the 2nd session of competition, a design task was given to the students to program, make the schematic, compile and perform simulation task effectively on Proteus  software within a specified time limit of 30 minutes. Each team with utmost four members were given 2 PC’s to work in parallel on programming & schematic and merge in the end to solve the task at a fast pace. The evaluator panel comprised of Dr Khalil-ur-Rehman Dayo, Dr. Wajiha Shah, Engr Kamran Kazi, Engr Ghulam Mustafa in hardware session, Engr Ghulam Mustafa and Engr Mehnazar in software session all from ES Department of MUET.

After successful assessment of all projects displayed and the programming session, results were compiled and announced at the closing ceremony in Audio Video-conferencing room, IIT Building after the refreshment, provided to all the organizers, participants, judges and chief guests. A total of 18 teams participated in hardware and 16 teams in software category. A huge amount of 17,500 /Rs in total- was given as prize money among the winners.

In Hardware Projects, 1st Prize of 5000/Rs- was given toINTELLIGENT INDUSTRIAL PROCESS USING CONVEYOR BELTS WITH ROBOTIC ARM” by M. Zakir Shaikh, Madiha Shah, Muqadas Khursheed & Irshad Raheem (09ES). 2nd Prize of 3000/Rs- was a tie between two projects, one was "AUTONOMOUS ROBOT MUET BOY” by Abdul Sattar Noonari (08ES25), Mansoor raza (08ES19), Sajad Ali Memon (08ES09), Anwar ul haq Khoso (08ES110) & Himat Kumar  (08ES27) and the other 2nd prize of 3000/Rs was taken byEEG BASED GESTURE RECOGNITION FOR PARALYSED PATIENTS” by Adil Khan(08ES76), Zaheer Abbas, Hameer and Imran Ali. 3rd prize of 2000/- wasCAR MONITORING & RESCUE SYSTEM by Mehran Khan, Kishore Kumar, Faizan Mateen and Agha Sarfaraz of 09ES

In On- Spot Programming & Simulation, 1st prize of 2000/Rs- was awarded to Azam rafique (08ES33) & Abdullah Ansari (08ES03). 2nd Prize of 1500/Rs- to Haresh Kumar(08ES51), Naeem Ahmed Memon(08ES72), Ammar Ali (08ES55), Ameen Khuwaja (08ES80) and 3rd prize of 1000/Rs was achieved by Faraz bhatti (08ES16) and Muhammed Ahmer Khan (08ES05)

The winners were awarded cash prizes, shields and certificates, shields and certificates to the teacher organizers, whereas certificates were given to all the participants, student organizers & judges. Bouquets were presented to the worthy chief guests for their honorable presence in this event. Prof Shoaib Hassan zaidi, Dr. Attaullah Khuwaja and Dr. B. S. Chowdhry expressed their encouraging views in the award distribution ceremony about the impressive & great hard work done by the Micromaze Team along with the student participants. Engr. Attiya Baqai concluded the ceremony with a vote of thanks to all the Organizers, judges and guests for making possible such an exemplary event. She said that Mehran UET is fully capable to organize such events/competitions/ exhibitions and requested the faculty members, students and authorities to come forward in arranging and hosting such events at national level. The participants got a colossal encouragement from the visitors and faculty members of different departments of Mehran UET on their persistent endeavor and success eventually especially the Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr Aslam Uqaili, Dean FEECE Dr B. S. Chowdhry, Prof. Dr. Syed Shoaib Hasan Zaidi Chairman Electronics Department, NED University Karachi and co-chairman Electronics Department, NED University, Karachi Prof. Dr. Attaullah Khawaja.

The event was organized by the unflagging efforts of the Faculty Members Engr. Attiya Baqai, Engr. Kehkashan Asma, Engr. Maria Jan and Engr. Mehnazar of the Department of Electronics Engineering, Mehran UET, Jamshoro. The Micromaze team is very thankful to Dean FEECE Dr B. S. Chowdhry for his efforts to support this event in every possible way and to get the approval of 5000/Rs from university to support this mega event.

Report compiled by Engr. Maria Jan & Engr. Attiya Baqai