Unforgettable Achievements of MUETians in 28th IEEEP All Pakistan Students Seminar

09/04/2013 - 10:23pm

The 28th IEEEP All Pakistan Student Seminar was held on 18th March, 2013, organized by IEEEP in collaboration with Bahria University, Karachi emerged to be the event of novelty and thoughts in the field of Engineering. Cluster of Talented Students came from different Universities across Pakistan and presented their research papers and also remained the source of inspiration for other students to portray their aptitude and intellectuals.

Continuing the practice of uphill struggle and passion to win, students of MUET again succeeded in showing their devotion towards Research in Engineering and Science. They recognized themselves by winning all Top three Positions in the competition of IEEEP Students’ Seminar.

The authors and participant students from Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering departments of MUET attended the seminar. Technical papers were received from different universities like MUET, Punjab University Lahore, SSUET, Hamdard University, Usman Institute of Technology, Pakistan Navy Engineering College and many others.

28th IEEEP All Pakistan Student Seminar

After meticulous scrutiny, Seminar Authorities short listed only 13 research papers from all over Pakistan, among which MUET students avowed four research papers.  Two papers were presented by undergraduate students of Electronic Engineering Department, one from Telecommunication Department and fourth paper was presented by postgraduate students of Electronic System Engineering. At the end of seminar, IEEEP announced results and honored 6 POSITIONS among these 13 papers.

28th IEEEP All Pakistan Student Seminar

It is an immense pleasure and matter of great Pride and happiness that Mehran University got all top three Positions and achieved all the Gold Medals and ultimately got the IEEE winning Trophy as well. It has never happened in history of this competition that all Gold Medals and all top three positions are achieved by only one university

28th IEEEP All Pakistan Student Seminar

1st POSITION, Gold Medals, 8,000 /Rs cash prize and certificates were won by  Muhammad Zakir Shaikh (09ES17), Madiha Shah(09ES32) and Usama Zaid (09ES17) from the Department of Electronics Engineering .Their paper was entitled as “Design and Implementation of Cost Effective Intelligent Energy Efficient Industrial Process Control” under the supervision and guidance of Dr. BS Chowdhry(Dean Faculty of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering), Engr. Yasmeen Naz and Engr. Irfan Ahmed Halepoto.

2nd POSITION, Gold Medals, 8000 Rs/cash prize and certificates were won by Pooja Rajput(09ES55), Kiran Rajput (09ES41) and Muhammad Zakir Shaikh(09ES17) from the Department of Electronics Engineering. Their paper was entitled as “WSN based energy management in Smart Grids” under the supervision and guidance of Dr.BS Chowdhry (Dean Faculty of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering), Engr. Amir and Engr. Abdul Rasheed Shaikh.

3rd POSITION, Gold Medals, 8000 Rs/cash prize and certificates were won by Sarang Shaikh (09TL24), Sara Abbasi(09TL23) and Shaikh Asad(09TL71) from the Department of Telecommunication Department. Their paper was entitled as “Wireless LAN Security Survey 2013 of Hyderabad” under the supervision and guidance of Dr Faisal Kareem Shaikh and Engr. Mehran Mamonai.

Muhammad Zakir Shaikh (09ES17) got two Gold Medals, One for 1st position and another one for 2nd Position as he was the author of two research papers.

28th IEEEP All Pakistan Student Seminar

28th IEEEP All Pakistan Student Seminar

The Result (Percentage marks) of the top 6 Research Papers who got Gold Medals and Silver Medals are as followed:

Position, Name and Authors of the Paper

Percentage Marks

1st Position and 1st Gold Medals

  • “Design and Implementation of Cost Effective Intelligent Energy Efficient    Industrial Process Control System”
  • By: Zakir Shaikh, Madiha Shah, Usama Zaid
  • Mehran UET,Jamshoro


       90 %

2nd Position and 2nd Gold Medals

  • “WSN Based Energy management in Smart Grids”
  • By: Pooja Rajput,Kiran Rajput, M.Zakir Shaikh
  • Mehran UET, Jamshoro


       76 %

3rd Position and 3rd Gold Medals

  • “Wireless LAN Security Survey 2013 of Hyderabad”
  • By: Sarang Shaikh, Sara Abbasi, Shaikh Asad
  • Mehran UET,Jamshoro


      67 %

4th Position and 1st Silver Medals

  • “Low Cost GPS aided Inertial Navigation Systems”
  • By: Syed Talha Tariq, Khurram Mushtaq
  • Bahria University,Karachi Campus



5th Position and 2nd Silver Medals

  • “Implementing OpenCV and MATLAB codes of Face Recognition on an Android platform”
  • By: Hafsa Talat, Afaq Ahmed Shaikh,Muhammad Ali Khurram
  • Sir Syed UET,Karachi



6th Position and 3rd Silver Medals

  • “Artificial Neural Network based Electrocardiography Analyzer”
  • By: Bushra Mehdi
  • Sir Syed UET,Karachi



The event was eagerly covered by local and national print/electronic media such as the Engineering Review Magazine, the Business Recorders, the Media partners, Radio partners, the Nation & PC world as technical media partners. The Session Chairs of Seminar, Prof. Dr Altaf Mukati (Dean Faculty of Engineering Sciences at Bahria University Karachi) and Dr Abdul Rahman Memon (Dean at Hamdard University, Karachi) distributed the appreciation certificates among the participants of the seminar

The winning participants along with their supervisors were invited to attend IEEEP Multi topic Symposium held on 20th and 21st March, 2012 at PC Hotel in Karachi, where they were awarded Cash prizes, Gold and silver medals, shields and certificates from the chief guest Prof. Engr. Dr. M. Altaf Mukati (Dean Engineering, Bahria University) along with Engr. Obaid-ur-Rehman Khan (Chair IEEEP Karachi Center). All Gold Medal Recipients were also honored to present their research paper at 28th IEEEP Multi-topic International Symposium held at Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi. The Winning Participants of MUET were accompanied by the Dean FEECE Dr Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry and faculty members of Electronic Engineering Department including Madam Yasmeen Naz Panhwar, Madam Saba Baloch and Madam Sanober Farheen.