Dedicated Web Hosting & Email Backup Solution


Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro is leading University of Pakistan. It has students enrolment of more than 7,000 students requires dedicated web hosting and email backup solution for one year (extendable up to further 04 years on satisfactory performance) to facilitate flow of information to all of its stake holders and general public. The terms and conditions of the tender are detailed as under:

  1. Description of service is given as under:
    A. Dedicated Web Hosting
    B.   Email Backup Solution
  2. Bidders/Participants should have reputable Multinational or Government Sector clientele having more than 2000 nodes.
  3. Tender detail documents are available at Purchase Section of the University and can be purchased on payment of prescribed non-refundable tender fee of Rs. 1,000 upto 30-12-2010 up to 12:00 Noon.
  4. The tenders will be received back upto 12:00 pm and opened at 12:30 pm on the same date i.e 30-12-2010 by the University Purchase Committee in presence of Bidders or their authorized representative who wish to be present.
  5. The bids should be submitted under “Single Stage- two envelop procedure” as under:
    1. Bid shall comprise a single package containing two separate envelopes. Each envelope shall contain separately the;
      (i) Technical Proposal
      (ii) Financial Proposal
    2. Envelopes shall be marked as “FINANCIAL PROPOSAL” and “TECHNICAL PROPOSAL” in bold and legible letters to avoid confusion;
    3. Initially, only the envelope marked “TECHNICAL PROPOSAL” shall be opened;
    4. Envelope marked as “FINANCIAL PROPOSAL” shall be retained in the custody of the procuring agency without being opened;
    5. Procuring agency shall evaluate the technical proposal in a manner prescribed in tender documents, without reference to the price and reject any proposal which does not conform to the specified requirements;
    6. No amendments in the technical proposal shall be permitted during the technical evaluation;
    7. Financial proposals of technically qualified bids shall be opened publicly at a time, date and venue announced and communicated to the bidders in advance;
    8. Financial proposal of bids found technically non-responsive shall be returned un-opened to the respective bidders; and 
    9. Bid found to be the lowest evaluated or best evaluated bid shall be accepted.
  6. The bidders should submit Tax registration certificates and copy of N.I.C.
  7. The bidders should submit 2% earnest money of the bid amount in shape of call deposit in favor of the Director Finance, Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro.
  8. The bidders should submit affidavit to the effect that the firm / contractor have not been black listed previously by any executing/ procuring agency.
  9. The bidders should submit affidavit to the effect that all documents / particulars / information furnished are true & correct.
  10. The Procuring Agency may reject all or any bids subject to relevant provisions of PPRA Rules.
  11. For Technical Queries the bidders/participants can contact Web Developer and System Engineer at ICPC, MUET, Jamshoro.

Engr. Munir A. Shaikh
Director Finance