Existing Laboratories and major equipment

- Spinning Lab

Reiter Mixing Bale Opener 3/4R

Reiter Mixing Bale Opener 3/4S

Reiter Uniclean B-11

Reiter Uniblend A-80

Reiter Mixing Opener 3/3

Reiter Uniflex A80

Reiter Chute Feed A-70

Reiter Card C-51

Reiter Drawframe RSB-D35C

Jiangsu Hongyuan Simplex FA415A

Shinghai Erfangi Ring EJM-168 (Chinese)

Schlafhorst Autocone 338A

Rifa Two For Twister RF-321

Rieter Rotor R-40

Boge Air Compressor

Conair Air Conditioning System

- Weaving Lab

Picanol Terry Towel Machine 800 Plus 

Sulzer Projectile Weaving Machine P7150 

Sulzer Rapier Weaving Machine G6300 

Jacquard Weaving Machine

Dobby Weaving Machine

Sectional Warping Machine

- Knitting Lab

Terrot Multicolor Single Jersey Circular Knitting Machine  S296-2 C-Series

Stoll Four Color Flat Knitting Machine CMS530

Mesdan Lab Knitter 294E

Jafa Two-head/function Embroidery Machine 0212-495

- Wet Processing Lab

Water Bath

Rapid Oscillating Dyeing Machines

Rapid HT Dyeing Machines

Lab Jig Dyeing Machine

Winch Dyeing Machine (Pilot scale)

Washing Colourfastness Machine

Rapid Lab Vertical Padder

Rapid Lab Horizontal Padder

Flat Screen Printing Machine MU564

Automatic Blender JJ-1

Rapid Lab Stenter

Rapid HT Steamer


Washing machine (top loading)


Lab Ovens

Fume Hood

Soxhlet Extraction, reflux condensation Units

Ceramic hot plates

Heating mantle

Ultrasonic cleaner

A&D Digital Balances GF-300 (0.001 gm to 300 gm)

Flask Shaker

Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate



Digital Water Proof Multiparameter

Portable Digital pH meters

TDS meter  (Hanna Germany)

Electric Iron

Distillation plant (4litre capacity)

Water Distillation and De-ionizing unit TSRO-10

Wascator (Fabric Dimentioanal Stability)

Tumble Dryer

- Garments Lab

Gemsy High Speed Over-lock Sewing Machines GEM747F

Kansai Double-chain Stitch Machine DFB1412P

Yuancheng Post Bed Upper/Lower Rolling-wheel and Needle-feed TK591

Gemsy Auto Sewing Machines GEM8951E3-Y

Super Star Reliable High-speed Zigzag-sewing Machines KM2070

Octa Round Cutters

- Textile Testing and Quality Control Lab

USTER Fibrograph 730 (Fibre Staple Length)

USTER Micronaire 775 (Fibre Fineness and Maturity)

USTER Stelometer 754 (Fibre Strength)

Nep Tester F267

USTER Evenness tester 4 (Yarn, Roving and Sliver Eveness)

USTER Tensorapid 4 (Yarn and Fabric Tensile Behaviour)

Yarn Twist Tester 2530A

Yarn Crimp Tester 329A

Titan Tensile Tester

SDL ICI Fabric Pilling Tester M227

SDL Martindale Fabric Pilling & Abrasion Tester M235

SDL Fabric Air-Permeability Tester

SDL Digital Autoburst M229 (Fabric Bursting Strength)

Shirley Fabric Stiffness Tester

Fabric Crease Recovery Tester

SDC Spray Rating Tester (Fabric Water Repellency)

Fabric thickness Meter

Humidity Tester

- Colour Measuring and Microscopy Lab

Xrite Reflectance Spectrophotometer CE7000

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

Mesdan Lab Multiple Light Color Matching Box

Mercury Light Fastness

Mesdan Lab Crockmeter

Brookfield Digital Viscometer

Subtractive Color Mixing Box Made by Mehran University Textile Engineering Students

Additive Color Mixing Box Made by Mehran University Textile Engineering Students

Perspiration Color Fastness Tester  Made by Mehran University Textile Engineering Students

Motic Video Microscope

Gammy Refrectometer

Olympus Optical Microscope

Low Power Optical Microscopes

Labo Med Video microscopes



Other Specialized Laboratories

- Ginning Lab

- Fibre Manufacturing Lab

- Nonwovens Lab (Initiative taken)

- Textile Composites Lab (Establised)

- Nano-materials Lab (Established)

- Automation and Control Lab (Initiative taken)