Directorate of English Language Development Center


In 1988 a Directorate named English Language Development Centre was established in collaboration with the British Council and the University Grant's Commission (Presently the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan) at Mehran University Jamshoro. This Directorate was initially run by a British Director Prof Brian Bamber. During this project the faculty members were awarded scholarships to pursue Masters in ELT/TESOL from British and American universities. After Mr Bamber, Prof. Bodlo M Hassan took over as Director who received ELT training from UK and administrative training from USA. Mr Bodlo contributed the best way he could in field of research and development and helped the Directorate get going very successfully. He initiated Teachers' Education and staff training courses for School, College and University teachers and officers. The ELDC is relocated to its new state of the art building at MUET Jamshoro. The Directorate was amongst 5 shortlisted institutions in public universities of Pakistan which were considered by English Language Teaching Reforms Project (ELTR) of HEC Pakistan for establishment of National Centre for English Language Teaching and Research. The ELTR Project of the HEC of Pakistan has recently established the state of the art self access centre at the ELDC MUET. This is the first SAC in province Sindh and hub of teachers' training in the province. The SAC offers training on Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) and Internet based learning (IML). Catering to the needs of the teacher community, ELDC has successfully started its MS/MPhil and PhD program in field of Applied Linguistics.


  • To assist various departments of the University in terms of teaching English as a compulsory and foundation course as required by HEC curriculum policy, Pakistan.
  • To bring English language Standards of MUET Students in line with the requirements of their curriculum.
  • To teach technical writing as to give them academic and professional edge in their various composition challenges of their field.
  • To improve students’ communication skills as they express themselves in their on-campus and professional settings properly.
  • To arrange various co-curricular activities as to provide the students with ample opportunities to grow dynamically.
  • To improve the Research standards in the field of Applied Linguistics by offering MS leading to PhD degree programs. 
  • To facilitate Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff of the University in coping with academic, professional and language-related challenges by providing them with the congenial training environment.
  • To help the students learn effective communication by developing in them both written and oral skills of communication, they need to be successful in their professional lives.
  • To make the students familiar with the real life communication issues, personal interviews with business associates and academics other than the theoretical discussions are the hallmark.
  • To help them learn and practice different techniques for the improvement of their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.
  • To familiarize the students with the purpose, importance and different types of IELTS &TOEFL tests.
  • To improve their overall English proficiency level and make their English error free through different classroom activities and home tasks.
  • To familiarize the students with the concept, style and format of GMAT, GRE & GAT and to explain the basic verbal, analytical and quantitative concepts in GMAT, GRE & GAT.
  • To pass the students through a rigorous training session to develop their critical and analytical abilities like:
    • Journalistic English
    • Basic English Language Skills
    • Oral Presentation skills
    • Conversation and interview skills
    • PrĂ©cis writing
    • Argumentative writing and speech
    • Critical reading skills


Courses Offered

Directorate offers following courses for Undergraduate Studies

  1. Functional English/EAP
  2. Communication skills for Engineers/ESP
  3. Technical Report writing
  4. Presentation skills

Directorate of Postgraduate Studies offers following research degrees

  • MS/MPhil in Applied Linguistics
  • Ph.D in Applied Linguistics

Other Programs

  1. Teachers' training- ELT teachers' education
  2. Computer Assisted Language Learning and Internet Mediated Language Learning
  3. IELTS
  4. TOEFL
  5. GRE
  6. GMAT
  7. SAT

Associate Professors

Dr. Habibullah Pathan,
M. Ed. ELT (Glasgow)., PhD (Glasgow)
Director & Associate Professor

Assistant Professors

Ms Rosy Ilyas, Assistant Professor,
M.Ed. TESOL (Leeds)

Dr. Natasha Memon, Assistant Professor
M.A, PhD (Edinburgh)

Adjunct Faculty

Dr Ambreen Shahriar, Adjunct Faculty
M.A (Leceister)., PhD (London)

Dr Faraz Bughio, Adjunct Faculty
M.A., PhD (Sussex)


Ms Quratual Ain Mirza, Lecturer
B.A. Hons., M.A., MPhil (Pak)

Mr Jam Khan Mohammad, Lecturer
B.A. Hons., M.A., PGdip (TEFL)., MPhil Scholar (Sindh),

Ms Sahib Khatoon, Lecturer
M.A., M. Phil (Pak)

Mr Shaukat Lohar, Lecturer
M.A., MPhil (Pak)

Ms. Sadia Aftab Memon, Lecturer
M.A English in Applied Linguistics (Pak)

Ms. Sania Sachal Memon, Lecturer
M.A English in Applied Linguistics (Pak)

Research Assistants and Self Access Centre Staff

Ms Shazia, Research Assistant
MS Applied Linguistics Scholar (MUET)

Mr Waqar Shah, Research Assistant
MS Applied Linguistics Scholar (MUET)

Seminar Library
Mr Mureed Kerio
Incharge Seminar Library

Language Laboratory Staff:
Mr A.D Mallah