Change of UKAS Symbol


United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) has introduced new generic management system accreditation symbol. It will replace all of the existing management system accreditation symbols that specify the type of management system covered by the accreditation.

From this point onwards you are advised to use the new symbol in your documents.

The new symbol can be downloaded from Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) downloads section

Guidlines on using the symbol / mark

  • You can use this mark on your advertising, publicity literature and stationery.
  • The minimum height of the outer rectangle is 25mm, and of the inner rectangle is 20mm, for all materials.
  • For A4 materials the maximum height of the outer rectangle shall be 37mm, and of the inner rectangle 30mm (which may be increased proportionally for larger paper sizes.).
  • In exceptional circumstances, the size may be reduced, for example, for reasons of space limitations or cost, but the marks shall remain legible, with no infilling. 
  • You can only reproduce this mark in one colour, this should be the predominant ink colour of the document or letterhead.

Khalid Feroz channa
Deputy Director, QEC

This notification is created only for website, by the Web Developer, ICPC on instructions from Deputy Director, QEC; as to benefit the larger audiences of the University. And hence does not correspond to any circular or notification on paper