Directorate of Information & Communication Processing Center

ICPC Server Room


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Engr. Sajidullah Memon
Additional Director / Director Incharge
Tel +92 (22) 2772250-73 Ext. 2090
Email: [email protected]

ICPC Stands for “Information & Communication Processing Center". It is MUET’s backbone of voice & data networks that facilitates inter departmental communication related to Internet & voice communication. It also connects MUET Intranet to the outside world through a bandwidth of 312 Mbps on fiber link.

The ICP Center is having a powerful and scalable switching fabric that carries gigabit traffic on fiber optics backbone and interconnects all buildings of university including Admin building, departments, and hostels. It is designed on the VLAN infrastructure. Apart from data service,  ICPC is also providing  voice services through EPABX.

Data and Voice Services
ICPC is facilitating each section of MUET with voice and data services. So far ICPC has contributed more than 2000 data points and more than 500 voice points in campus.

Wireless Connectivity
ICPC has deployed the wireless solutions within or outside the departments of the University. Hot Spots in some of the departments have been deployed to allow user access to the internet & intranet services from any location within the vicinity of the department.

ICPC has conducted many training sessions to help end users utilize domain resources effectively. Troubleshooting network related problems are also taught in the trainings.

Smart Cards
ICPC has taken initiative to provide smart ID cards for faculty, officers, staff and students of the university. The new smart ID card has features like RF ID chips, QR Code and barcode. at the moment more than 3000 cards have been generated and remaining are in process.

SMS Alert Service
ICPC provide SMS alert service since 2013 to all stake holders for swift information broadcasting.
SMS alerts are also plays vital role in online admission system developed by
ICPC web team.

Web Services
ICPC Web team has developed and provide number of services including:

  • Online Undergraduate Admission System (Developed under the supervision of PATCO Committee)
  • Online course management system using Moodle CMS
  • Online Feedback system conforming to QEC's standards
  • Web hosting service for various departmental websites
  • Web development & design services for various conferences and workshop websites