Telecommunication Engineering

Mehran university of Engineering and technology has got the privilege to establish the Telecommunication Department for the first time in the history of all Public and Private sector universities of Pakistan. Keeping in view the tremendous growth of Telecom Sector,  there is great scope and consumption of Telecom Engineers, Experts and Solution Providers; therefore in year 2001 MUET started the program to produce graduates exclusively in Telecommunication Engineering by bifurcating the Electronic Department. The department would like to augment its existing programs to produce the high quality Telecom Personnel in various specialized areas such as Mobile and Wireless Communication, Terrestrial Satellite Communication, Multimedia & Networking under the establishment of Institute of Communication Technologies (ICT). HEC has already selected MUET as an ICT hub.

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1. To produce quality graduates in Telecommunication Engineering. 
2. To produce high quality Telecom Professionals and skilled manpower for industry, S&T organizations and educational institutions of the country in various specialized and fast emerging areas. 
3. To offer research facilities in the field of Information & Communication Technologies in order to provide basis for industrial development in this fast expanding field. 
4. To facilitate Hi-Tech research in the field of ICT. 
5. To provide consultancy services in relatively more traditional Telecom Sectors as  well as in sophisticated new technologies and services. 
6. Faculty Development. 
7. To develop indigenous technology in order to reduce dependence on   developed countries and to improve socio-economic condition of the country. 
8. To develop strategy for increasing Tele-density of the country. 
9. To offer PhD, M.Phil and Master’s degree programs in the area of ICT.