Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center (IEC)

Welcome to the Innovation and Entrepreneurship center. Our mission is to nurture the innovation and entrepreneurship spirit in students and society in general. Our programs are designed to appeal to everyone from students, staff, industry, who are just trying to obtain a primer on entrepreneurship, to serial entrepreneurs. We believe in the value of interdisciplinary and experiential learning. Our hope is that the learning opportunities we offer empower the startups to not only learn how to become entrepreneurs and innovators, but also apply that learning at some point in their careers as students or alumni. Our aim to create successful companies from the ideas they formulated in our classes, our mission goes far beyond helping students launch startups. if you have any questions or just want to talk about your interest in entrepreneurship and innovation. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you'd like to support passionate entrepreneurs and contribute towards strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan, we invite you to donate to The Foundation Fund which invests in promising Pakistani startups and supports programs like SSBC,RINO.


Director IEC

Engr. Saleem Ahmed Memon
Tel +92 (22) 2772250-73 Ext. 8300
Email: [email protected]