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 SPE Mehran Students Chapter Organizing A Technical Session on "OVERVIEW OF DIRECTIONAL DRILLING AND MLWD OPERATIONS"    



   Prof.Dr.Abdul Haque Tunio





Student Course Evaluation Questionnaire

F16 Batch &17 Batch

5th Semester

16Batch,F16Batch&17 Batch 
 6th Semester

16 Batch,F16 Batch & 17 Batch 

7th Semester

16 Batch,F16 Batch & 17 Batch 

8th Semester



18 Batch (4th Semester)

19 Batch (2nd Semester)

 19 Batch (1st Semester) 18 Batch (3rd Semester)
 Petrophysics Workshop Practice FPE TRW&PSkills
 Drilling Engineering- I Engg: Drawing & Graphics FE IEE
 Organizational   Behavior Communication Skills PS PG&Geo-Phy: Prospecting
Properties of Reservoir Fluids Applied Chemistry IS/Ethics DE&CV
Mechanics of Material Linear Algebra & Analytical Geometry Ap Calculus CP&SA
  Applied Geology Applied Thermodynamics FM
  Applied Thermodynamics    

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