Director's Message

In the development of primary sources for energy, petroleum and natural gas occupy an important place.The engineering field concerned with exploration, drilling and production of oil and gas requires knowledge of basic sciences (physics, mathematics, chemistry and geology), and rapidly growing technology forces engineers to become acquainted with subjects such as clay chemistry, reaction kinetics, hydrocarbon gas and liquid-liquid equilibria and computer sciences.
In the Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department,undergraduate education is aimed at equipping the students with the knowledge of basic sciences as well as with the  tools of rapidly growing technology.
The Institute also offers summer vacation Internship to final year students with the coordination of oil/gas producing companies/industries. This internship enhances the knowledge of students on  day-to-day field operation and working environment of the petroleum  industry.
In the final year the students are assigned to work on a project (dissertation) of oil and gas reservoir, production and processing. The project is usually designed and completed in collaboration with petroleum Industry.