Motivational Talk arranged for the faculty and staff members of Department of Electronic Engineering

21/04/2021 - 10:51am

The department of Electronic Engineering has organized an awareness session for departmental faculty members and staff on “PhD Scholarships and Opportunities”. The resource person of the session was Dr. Farida Memon, Associate Professor, Department of Electronic Engineering. The session was held at conference room, Department of Electronic Engineering and attended by faculty members and technical staff of the department. Prof. Dr. Arbab Nighat, Chairperson, welcomed and appreciated faculty member’s passion towards the seeking of PhD scholarships opportunities.

Dr. Farida Memon began with the importance of higher education as highly important factor in personal growth as well as for the benefits of the department. She urged the attendees to take steps forward for higher studies for their personal and departmental betterment. Dr. Arbab Nighat closed the talk by thanking all the faculty members and staff members for attending the talk.